If ever a city called for a chauffeured car, it’s Queensland’s Gold Coast. Australia’s own tinsel town, where more business is done over a blackjack table than in a boardroom, Gold Coast is all about glamour, glitz, and the clink of crystal glasses toasting the deal. No wonder Gold Coast chauffeured cars are in such high demand!

By day, sit back, relax and take in some luxurious down time as you see the famous Gold Coast from the back of a comfortable limousine or town car. By night, feel confident that your Gold Coast chauffeur is on hand to help you paint the town red, and help you to make it home! If you’re planning to do business on the Gold Coast, a Gold Coast chauffeured car will help to make the right impression, and get home safely.

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Chauffeured Cars Gold Coast

Warning: What tourists don’t know about chauffeured cars Gold Coast

The Gold Coast chauffeured car industry has burgeoned in recent years, because the Gold Coast is fast becoming the destination of choice for conventioneers and dot com start-ups.

Responding to a lack of quality limousine and town car transport options, sub-quality limousine providers lined up for licences. Unlike taxi licences, temporary (6 month) limousine licences can be purchased with minimal qualifications. Licences can also be sold after purchase by the original, qualified owner.

Choosing a professional Gold Coast chauffeured car company operating beyond the Gold Coast, with a national reputation, a fleet of first class cars and excellent accreditation is the safest way to ensure a quality experience.

TIP: It’s vital to choose a reputable company to hire chauffeured cars Gold Coast – for your safety and for a quality customer experience.

Chauffeured cars Gold Coast airport transport options

Whether you’re flying into Coolangatta Airport or Brisbane Airport, choosing a Gold Coast chauffeur will save you time and stress.

Coolangatta Airport transfers include private Gold Coast chauffeured cars, hotel courtesy buses, private bus lines and, of course, taxis. The public transport options are limited; especially if you’re staying somewhere outside the main Broadbeach or Surfer’s Paradise strips.

With no inner city train service and limited bus and tram options, business visitors to the Gold Coast opt for chauffeured limousine and town car services.

TIP: If you’re flying into Brisbane, book with a chauffeured car Gold Coast company like Car Australia before you arrive. Many Brisbane taxi companies will not make the trip, as they face pick up restrictions and may not be able to secure a return fare.

Why should you choose a chauffeured car on the Gold Coast?

Stunning beaches, meandering canal estates and gorgeous inland islands make the Gold Coast a tourist mecca for beach lovers worldwide. Unfortunately, this means the Gold Coast is a frustrating “self-drive” destination.

  • Cavill Avenue, Surfer's Paradise Boulevard and The Esplanade

    At the heart of the Gold Coast is Surfer’s Paradise’s famous entertainment precinct: Cavill Avenue. By day, the avenue is crowded with tourists meandering across the famous street and through its neighbouring back streets. The Esplanade is crowded with surfers and beach goers out to enjoy those famous golden sands and perfect waves.

    As a business traveller, it’s better to avoid the hotspots during the day, to make sure you get to your destination on time. Surfer’s Paradise Boulevard is the main arterial road through the Gold Coast, and the biggest candidate for peak hour congestion. Unlike other cities though, there’s no alternative because just a street or two back runs the Nerang River, forcing traffic to bottleneck. And it’s not only cars…. Surfer’s Paradise Boulevard is the hub for hotels, from family resorts to backpacker blocks and five star accommodations.

    Human traffic creates additional nightmares for cars along the Gold Coast’s most heavily populated strip. Choosing a Gold Coast chauffeur driven car means a Gold Coast driver can help you navigate the chaos to get to your destination on time.

    By night this district turns to a wild party zone. Dotted with restaurants, clubs and bars, this district is where many a deal is celebrated. Your Gold Coast chauffeur can be waiting by, to take you back to your accommodation after you’ve finished celebrating.

  • The Canal Estates and Islands

    The Gold Coast’s famous canal estates are where the elite locals park their yachts in their own backyard. These estates also feature waterfront conference venues and restaurants.

    If you’re visiting the Gold Coast for a conference, your chauffeur can navigate the seemingly endless turns to get you there on time. As parking is limited, your Gold Coast chauffeur driven car will save you time, while allowing you to make your arrival with confidence.

  • Gold Coast culture

    Queensland culture is all about loving a cold beer or a crisp white wine in the great outdoors. The Gold Coast turns it up to eleven!

    The Gold Coast’s unique culture carries over into business dealings and you may find yourself club hopping in the wee hours with your new found business associates.

    With the grand and imposing casino at Broadbeach and the seemingly endless entertainment options in Surfer’s Paradise, there may just be a messy night ahead! Gold Coast chauffeured cars are available for Gold Coast Girl’s Nights or Boy’s Nights out on the town – there’s nothing in this world like drinking champagne in the back of a Gold Coast limo on the famous golden strip.

  • Boardroom one day, perfect the next

    Gold Coast chauffeured cars can provide a unique tourist experience for your down time. Whether it’s a trip out to The Spit to see the Sea world dolphins (or up north to the other theme parks) or getting hands on with the Currumbin birds, sit back and relax as you take in the glorious coastal scenery.

    Head out to the tranquil hinterland, indulge in a massage or day spa service knowing your local, experienced Gold Coast chauffeur can double as your tour guide. The Gold Coast is so much more than the lights and beaches! The Gold Coast is host to some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests, treetop walks and waterfalls that flow through caves lit by fireflies. You’ll also find some of the world’s most magnificent golf courses there!

Your Gold Coast chauffeured car can show you the real Gold Coast, even if you’ve only a few short hours to spare!