Gold Coast Airport sits in the suburb immediately adjacent to Coolangatta, so getting from one to the other is easy. There’s public transport options, including buses and shuttles, as well as taxis and hire cars. However, the best options is a transfer from Car Australia. Unlike public transport, we offer private services with stops for anyone else. You can step out of Gold Coast Airport and into the luxury of a waiting limousine, before being driven directly to the doorstep of your Coolangatta destination. Then, when it’s time to go home, we can collect you from a point of your choosing, and take you directly to the Gold Coast Airport terminal. With private transfers, you can also skip the taxi rank and you get better value service as well. You won’t need to worry about navigation or parking, either, which are common issues with hire cars. Instead, you get the professional care of a trained chauffeur with no shortage of local knowledge.

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Coolangatta to Gold Coast Airport and back

It may be a small trip from Gold Coast Airport to Coolangatta, but it’s still important to plan ahead. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you take off.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel time for your journey

From Gold Coast Airport to Coolangatta, you’ve got just over two kilometres to cover, which means you’re looking at a short trip regardless of when you are travelling. Even in peak hour, the journey from Gold Coast Airport to Coolangatta takes just 6- 8 minutes, and it takes you along the edge of some of the country’s premium Gold Coast coastline. With such a short trip ahead of you, we would recommend scheduling a few detours into your booking. Simply pick a destination in and around the Coolangatta area, and your driver will gladly take you there en route to your final destination.

The airport

Gold Coast Airport lies to the south of the Gold Coast, right along Queensland’s border with New South Wales. That means it is squarely in the middle of some of Australia’s most well regarded coastlines. As you land at the airport, you’ll be greeted by views of the Coral Sea and the premium surf beach of Kirra. When you disembark the plane, you’ll find yourself in the airport’s single terminal, which services both domestic and international flights. Thanks to its efficient layout, making your way to the arrivals hall will be easy to do, with plenty of signage and no shortage of airline staff on the ground. If you’re travelling by air to the Gold Coast, then you’ll have your pick of carriers, too, with most major airlines coming to and from the Gold Coast every day. If you find yourself with some time to kill before your flight leave, then why not enjoy the Gold Coast Airport’s world class facilities, which include dining, shopping, and lounge spaces.


Coolangatta is one of the many hidden gems that dot the Gold Coast, and it has something to offer everyone who passes through. There are sprawling surf beaches along the Coolangatta coastline, which extend all the way into northern New South Wales and beyond. With the, you get surf, swimming, and bodyboarding opportunities that you’re unlikely to match anywhere in the world. The headlands between the southern beach also offer a magnificent spectacle, which is often taken in by local land-based fishermen. For those who prefer the ground a little less sandy, Coolangatta has a number of premier dining destinations, including restaurants, cafes, and bars. It’s only a short hop from the Gold Coast nightlife, too, so there’s no risk of missing out! When you book with Car Australia, you can get transport not only from Gold Coast Airport to Coolangatta, but through the surrounding areas too.