Ballina is a stunning and quiet coastal town situated in the Northern rivers, roughly 88.6 kilometres south of the Gold Coast Airport. This peaceful beachside oasis is teaming with natural wonders and there are many reasons why tourists and travellers alike will find themselves holidaying in Ballina. Due to the substantial distance, transport to and from the airport will need to be considered beforehand, so as not to cost you an arm and a leg.

Taxi’s from the airport, while in ample supply, will likely do just that. For those in no rush, bus services run periodically from the airport. Your average bus journey will take around two and a half hours, as it includes a 50-minute layover. If you’re looking to save both time and money on your transfer, we suggest a chauffeur-driven transfer with Car Australia. A trip with us can take as little as 55 minutes during off-peak hours. You’ll be transported in one of our executive vehicles from our extensive fleet, ranging from sedans to minibuses. Our aim is to deliver the most convenient and top-quality transfer service, at the most competitive price. Even our booking system was established with convenience in mind, giving you the ability to book and track your trip, all through the use of our mobile app.

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Planning your journey

Ballina is a sparsely populated coastal town with stunning beaches that are wonderfully undercrowded, making it an ideal holiday destination. Getting around in Ballina is pretty easy, with its well laid out sidewalks and walking tracks. In order to explore its neighbouring suburbs and of course to head to the airport, you will need to travel via car or arrange other means of transportation. Car Australia offers you a complete transport solution. You can expect to be collected directly from your door, or any specified location of your choosing, to then be promptly transported to the airport or other chosen destination, taking only the fastest and most efficient routes possible.

Pick Up and Other Information

Journey Travel Times

The average journey from Ballina to Gold Coast Airport is around 58 minutes. Whilst traffic is generally minimal within the township itself, peak period delays still apply on the major freeways and when travelling towards the airport. A trip during peak hour may reach up to 1 hour and 10 minutes, while off-peak can see you arriving in as little as 55 minutes. Whichever time your booking falls, you can be sure that our trained and experienced chauffeurs will have you on the fastest route, while you relax comfortably in the back seat.

Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport is arguably one of Australia’s easiest and most pleasant airports to navigate. One single terminal is all you’ll encounter upon arrival, making your airport visit relatively stress free. Once inside, travellers will find generous food, beverage and shopping options as well as excellent airport facilities. Catering for both international and domestic flights, as well as a growing number of airline carriers, Gold Coast airport is rapidly developing and very well appointed.

Parking at Gold Coast Airport is easy and plentiful with guests having the option to park for free for up to one hour. However, with a Car Australia transfer, you needn’t worry about pick up or parking, as we take care of that for you. Our door to door service means that you will be picked up directly from your preferred location and deposited right to the terminal doors. Upon arrival into Gold Coast Airport, our friendly driver will be awaiting you, inside the arrival halls for the most convenient and stress-free transfer.


Just a stone’s throw away from the popular and often crowded, Byron Bay, Ballina is its much quieter yet equally as beautiful counterpart. Peace and tranquillity amongst nature is what awaits you in Ballina. Stunning coastlines, the wild and lively Richmond River, bushwalks and whale watching are all on offer. Ballina is a perfect family friendly holiday spot with many visitors flocking to its numerous camping grounds during warmer months. The township itself has excellent amenities and shops including a wide range of cuisine options, be sure to take advantage of Ballina’s fresh and locally caught seafood. For your next Ballina to Gold Coast Airport transfer, Car Australia has you covered.