1 May, 2017

Before you book your plane tickets for yet another routine interstate work conference, keep in mind that your time away doesn’t have to be all work and no play!

You are giving up valuable hours of your free time for the company, so why not make the most of your business trip? The needs of business travellers extend further than just having somewhere to sleep. Consider the following tips for business travel when making your trip arrangements.


Accommodation is typically one of the first requirements you’ll need to take care of. The hotel doesn’t have to be the fanciest in the city, but it does need to fulfil some basic criteria. When the pressure is on in the boardroom and you are meeting potential clients, you need to ensure you get a good night’s rest in preparation. This means confirming your accommodation can provide you with your preferred bed size plus handy additional features. WiFi is a must, particularly if you need to research and put together last minute proposals for work or send copious amounts of emails. Also check on wake up calls, whether the room is smoking or non-smoking and dining options.

Don’t forget about the leisure features of your accommodation as well, because you can and should make time to enjoy yourself while you are away. If you like to keep yourself in a regular fitness regime, then make sure your prospective hotel can offer a gym and lap pool at a minimum.

If you prefer to just relax in your down time, perhaps a spa and lounge pool would be of more interest? Check with the hotel to see if they have designated hours of use for these features because you will only be left disappointed if you return from work to hit the gym or spa and find it closed.


As the saying goes – ‘location, location, location!’ but how important is the location of your accommodation, really? It is one of the most important factors when organising your business travel.

Finding a happy middle ground of being close to the conference centre, boardroom or office and being conveniently located to extra-curricular activities is the key to enjoying your business trip. Depending on the city you are travelling to and your interests, you may have the opportunity to discover a world of fascinating places away from your business activities.

The location of your hotel will dictate what you will be doing in your free time, so ensure the area has some things that grab your attention. Do your research on the area in which you plan on staying before making your reservation; this will help to ensure you are not going to be stuck half an hour from anything remotely exciting. The last thing you want is to work all day and then spend your spare time in your hotel room twiddling your thumbs. Make the most of your stay and discover what the area has to offer by checking out local reviews and searching for the ‘must do’ things in the city.


Given the fact you are travelling to another city, it is unlikely you will have your own personal car. This is why it is crucial that you research what transport options are available in the city, particularly in the area where you are working and staying.

Is there public transport readily available? How often do the buses, trains and trams run and what time do they cease operations? Where do they pick up and stop? Do you need to purchase a travel card prior to using public transport or can you pay as you go?

If this sounds a little confusing or time-consuming, consider the option of a chauffeured car. Your needs, wants and convenience when travelling are just as important when on business as they are if you were on vacation. Chauffeured cars are surprisingly affordable and save you having to think about public transport timetables or unreliable taxi bookings.

Chauffeured car companies employ drivers who have good local knowledge. Tap into their expertise to discover the best places to eat, sightsee or relax. They’re also experts at avoiding traffic snarls and any local tolls or parking fees are their problem, not yours.


You are in a new city, so you need to get out of that business suit and into something more comfortable. It’s time to see what the area has to offer visitors!

Regardless which city you travelling to, you’re sure to find plenty of local attractions, including museums, art galleries and touring exhibitions. What’s more, galleries update their programs all the time, so you may well discover your new favourite artist even if you’ve been to this city before.

If you prefer to be outdoors with the sun on your face, head to the nearest beach, local parks or the city’s Botanical Gardens. Here you can soak up the natural beauty while you admire the years of hard work and dedication it took to establish the gardens. The fresh flowers and sweet smells are the perfect setting for an afternoon stroll.

When it comes to evening activities, book a table at a nearby restaurant to enjoy food with a difference or lively musicians. Get advice from your hotel staff or chauffeur and discover a local hot spot with great ambience. Consider browsing the ‘what’s on’ pages before you leave and grabbing tickets online for a musical, stage show or unique live performance.

Travelling for work doesn’t have to be boring, tedious or antisocial. You can make your trip professional but also fun by taking advantage of what the city has to offer. At Car Australia, we understand that the needs of business travellers go far beyond booking a cheap flight. Make your next work trip comfortable, convenient and enjoyable with a little research before you leave, and a chauffeured driver to take you everywhere you need to go.

Get advice and tips from someone who understands the needs of business travellers. Book online or give Car Australia a call today on 1300 661 119!