22 December, 2015

The appeal of a holiday seems to increase at the thought of luxurious travels through large and vibrant cities – the notion of living the proverbial ‘high life’ attracts increasingly more tourists to the boutique cities of Australia. As many would be aware however, it is not simply a matter of arriving at your destination to a ubiquitous environment of elegance and class. There is a whole range of practical impediments to your dream holiday in a capital city and arguably one of the more overlooked of these is transport.

Far different to that of air travel to and from your terminus, transport around your city of choice is fraught with overpriced taxi fares, unpleasant dealings with public transport and the unavoidable risk of getting lost. It seems unlikely that your idea of luxury and indulgence will be met traipsing between bus stops and train stations, yet the alternative of a private car is often thought to be well out of the budget of most travellers seeking to experience the dense urban atmosphere of Australia’s most lavish cities.

Hire cars have previously dominated this market niche for travellers of this nature, who are seeking transport that is better suited to their needs. Whilst hiring a car does offer you considerable flexibility in your daily movements, it does also have the propensity to be quite restrictive. An example of such restriction stems from almost every tourist’s desire to experience the nightlife of their destination – exciting nights spent exploring the local restaurants and bars are often at the forefront of any traveller’s itinerary. With a hire car you may be able to leave at your whim, although there remains a number of practical problems that you might encounter upon your arrival. Foremost on this list, is the availability of parking. Were you to drive into the CBD of Sydney, for example, in search of a bar or restaurant, you would be lucky to find a parking space within walking distance. Should you happen upon one, it is likely that parking there would incur an exorbitant fee. Also a notable restriction that is consequent of hire car transport is the limitation it places on your alcohol consumption. If you are responsible for driving to and from the venue, you are limited to a drink or two at most. This can significantly lessen the appeal of exploring these exciting precincts.

There seems as a result, no option other than to face the often confusing and unpleasant public transport networks. This may not be that case, however, as there has been a dynamic shift in the options available to tourists – one that is placing luxury and convenience within the reach of an ordinary budget. Namely it is the emerging prevalence of affordable, chauffeured cars. These may be booked from a number of companies for airport transfers, daily transport, touring and general leisure.

How can booking a chauffeured car add to the convenience of your trip?

Chauffeured cars offer a number of distinct advantages to the alternatives listed above. Public transport can entail varyingly difficult navigation and overall, is relatively unpleasant when considering the comfort and style in which a private care travels. Additionally, there are companies currently offering chauffeured, luxury cars for little more than the rate of a taxi. Similarly to public transport, taxis are often far less pleasant than a private car – particularly when considering their fee, which is becoming increasingly costly. Because they are considerably more punctual than the former options, chauffeured cars can impart upon you the sense of luxury and class that you had envisaged when booking your holiday. Furthermore, they are often available for airport transfers so you are able to step from the airport, into an elegant vehicle that will take you to your destination in comfort and style. You needn’t necessarily book the service for your daily travels if you have no intentions of straying from the heart of the city, although the option is readily available and you can tailor your use of the service to fit the budget upon which you are travelling.

Are these services suitable for business related travel?

Not all travel is for the purposes of leisure – many will find themselves travelling for reasons of business. Often, such journeys are far more stressful that recreational trips, but this need not always be the case. Visiting another city for work can be just as rewarding as doing so for leisure and commissioning the most suitable means of transport is one way to ensure that your business trip leaves you with favourable travel experiences.

Perhaps the most important factor of a cohesive business trip is organisation. If you are spending a majority of your day trying to arrange practical and punctual transport to the necessary destinations, it is highly unlikely that your experience will be a satisfying one. Again, hire cars are an option that may be taken in favour of public transport but this leaves you subject to some of the abovementioned issues with hire car services and the additional stress of navigating an unfamiliar city on a time limit. Taxis might also be suitable but have the propensity to be somewhat unreliable and when you have a number of tasks that require completion within a certain timeframe, unreliability can quite easily be your undoing.

Once again it is evident that the ideal means by which to traverse the destination of your business trip, is an affordable chauffeured vehicle. Services of this nature allow you to schedule your day with absolute precision and in doing so, make use of the surplus time to relax and take in the atmosphere of whichever city you may be in.

What should you look for when booking such a service?

To get the most out of your chauffeured transport, you ought to investigate the options available to you. Given the desire of many travellers for affordable luxury, many of these companies offer modern, comfortable vehicles. As such, it is advisable that you seek a company capable of providing vehicles of this nature that offer you the greatest value for money. Take particular notice of the vehicles’ condition – some companies have far more stringent processes in place for the care of their vehicles, which will further their reliability, comfort and aesthetic.

Paying attention to each feature of these companies’ service will ensure that you are transported through your holiday in luxury and style with the peace of mind that is intrinsically consequent of a thoroughly scheduled transport service. In allowing for this, chauffeured cars are a far preferable alternative to the more conventional modes of transport available to travels with such budget restrictions.

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