17 September, 2015

Before you jump into the first taxi cab you see in the ranks, consider whether that particular option is your most cost effective travel choice.

While taxis are one of the most common options for airport transfers in Sydney, you might be surprised by how far each airport is from the centre of the city. Not knowing could cost you! Sydney’s roads and distances are notorious. Travellers should consider these tips when visiting Sydney!

Major Sydney Airports

There are four major airports in Sydney and they all vary in purpose as well as distance to the CBD and hotels.

Bankstown – More commonly known as Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown; this privately owned company is one of the primary General Aviation and Recreation Airports in New South Wales. It shares this title with its sister company Camden Airport. Bankstown is located conveniently close to city, a short 22 kilometres from the CBD. This trip will take you approximately 40 minutes without traffic.

Location: Bankstown Airport, 3 Avro Street, Bankstown, NSW 2200.

Camden – The Camden airport is located further from the city centre and as its purpose is general aviation as well, the odds of you catching a flight into this particular airport are quite slim. Should you happen to find yourself there, you will be looking at a 60 minute travel to the city.

Location: Camden Airport, Cobbitty, NSW 2570.

Mascot – Otherwise known as the Sydney Airport; this is expediently located a mere 8 kilometres from the city which converts to roughly a 15 minute drive. If you intend on getting transfers from the airport directly to tourist attractions, they will be less than 10 kilometres from the Sydney Airport. This is the major airport in Sydney and as a result it has more to offer than the others. It features both domestic and international terminals, an abundance of shopping (including duty free), cafes, bars, dining options, frequent flyer lounges and much more.

Location: Sydney Airport, Airport Dr, Sydney, NSW 2020.

Richmond – This is the Royal Australian Air Force’s RAAF Base in Richmond and instead of being focused on passenger flights, they specialise in training exercises and flying activities. Located approximately 60 kilometres and a 1 hour drive from Sydney’s centre, you will generally only venture out to the Richmond RAAF if you are military personnel or they are hosting an air show or display.

Location: Richmond Air Force Base, Percival St, Richmond, NSW 2753.

If these airport transfers are being travelled in a taxi cab, you can expect to pay for not only time in the vehicle but also interruptions to travel, driver detours and even drivers getting lost (Sydney is famous for its lack of town planning – first settlers built roads AROUND the settlements – not to plan). It’s true too that Sydney taxi drivers have been known to… take a tourist for a ride!

Unfortunately for out of town travellers or locals who don’t use their cars in the bustling city, Sydney is a tough drive. It’s famous for its peak time breakdowns, accidents, traffic jams and for generally being a frustrating place to take the wheel!

The city’s beauty is also its beast – with the harbour causing issues for drivers and navigators. While the bridge and the tunnel take commuters from side to side, interruptions to one or both of these arteries causes all sorts of traffic issues. Once across the harbour, you’re navigating nooks and crannies, dead ends and one-way streets – as the city unfolds wherever land is available. Not to mention the world famous, crowd-drawing attraction on every corner!

And if this wasn’t enough to put you off…. there’s one word that will: PARKING.

Airport transfer options

There are several options available for airport transfers and like everything; some are more reliable, more affordable and more luxurious than others.

Buses – If you are willing to wait around the airport until the next bus leaves and share a seat with some stranger who sits awkwardly close to you, this can be one of the most affordable options.

Taxi cab – As previously mentioned, while they are conveniently waiting at the airport to take travellers to their destinations, they are not usually the most reliable form of transport to get you to and from the airport, city centre or tourist attractions.

Hire car – This choice is a brave one if you are not experienced with Sydney drivers. They have a reputation for intolerance (understandably, there’s a lot to tolerate on their roads!) This is not an option for a nervous driver! For this option to be the right choice; you should have some experience of the city and its road, traffic, etc., along with hire car insurance just in case you should be involved in an accident.

Chauffeured car – This is a surprisingly affordable option for visitors to the lively city, regardless whether travelling in a group or on your own. Not only are you guaranteed to make it to your destination on time but they also offer a fixed fare transfer from the airport to your hotel or preferred pick up/drop off destination. If that isn’t benefit enough, you will be able to enjoy the clean and hygienic ride and experience the beauty of Sydney without having to be concerned there could be an accident, street race or road closures that will cost you additional money as you sit there.

Thankfully there are ample options for hotels that are in a close proximity of the major Sydney Airport (Mascot) which will minimise your travel time and have you embracing the adventure, relaxation and business opportunities that Sydney has to offer you, your family and your business.

It is human nature to challenge ourselves but sometimes it is best for you and those on the road around you, if you leave the exploratory driving to and from popular Sydney attractions (including Circular Quay, Taronga Zoo, the Opera House and even the Sydney Harbour Bridge) and airport transfers in Sydney up to someone who does it frequently, if not on a daily basis or as their profession.

If you want to secure comfortable travel and airport transfers in Sydney that are guaranteed to see you arrive safely, then give the professional drivers at Car Australia a call today!