6 November, 2015

Do you travel regularly from Brisbane to the Gold Coast? Or perhaps you’re considering a Gold Coast mini-break on your next business trip to Brisbane? As the population of South East Queensland grows, commuting between Brisbane and the Gold Coast has never been more popular. As a result, there is a wide range of options for travelling this route, including trains, buses and hire cars.

Unfortunately, public transport remains an expensive travel option, whilst highway traffic can have you seeing red. It’s so frustrating wasting time behind the wheel when you could be working, or relaxing. This is where Car Australia comes in!

With Car Australia, you can sit back and relax, while someone else worries about traffic, toll fees and petrol costs. Make a few work calls, fire up your laptop or just enjoy the view as you travel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Most importantly, it’s so much more affordable than you might think!

Transport choices in South East Queensland

Brisbane has a good public transport system, with train and bus routes covering most of the city. Unfortunately when it comes to longer distance travel, these options begin to lose their appeal. Some routes seem to take forever and a day, whilst tickets are far from cheap. We’ve listed the most popular options for travelling from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, along with some of the common complaints we hear every day from clients who are thrilled to have discovered the Car Australia alternative!


Translink has a Gold Coast service that runs from both the Domestic and International terminals at the Brisbane Airport . Services run every 15 minutes from the Domestic terminal during peak time, and every 30 minutes during off peak time. You will spend a little over two hours on the train, depending on your final destination.

The main drawbacks for using the train include the length of time it takes to travel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and the limited number of stations available. In fact, for many Gold Coast destinations, you’ll probably have to use a connecting bus to take you from the train to your home, hotel or conference venue.

At over $34 one way for an adult, it really isn’t cheap enough to be worth the inconvenience of travelling on someone else’s schedule, not to mention wasting at least two hours when you could be doing something more productive.


There aren’t any direct public buses linking Brisbane to the Gold Coast, but if you absolutely have to travel by bus, there are private tourism companies that offer this service. For example, a private bus can meet you at the Brisbane Airport, or at a central location such as Roma Street Station, and deliver you to Gold Coast Airport. The trip takes about 90 minutes and will set you back over $40 per adult. You will also have a limited schedule, and the added time and expense of making your own way from the Gold Coast Airport to your final destination.


There are a range of taxi services in Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland that service the Brisbane to Gold Coast route – but, be warned, it’ll cost you! The trip from Brisbane Airport to Surfers Paradise is outside the standard Brisbane metered zone, which means additional fees are loaded onto your fare. The fare for this trip would be a minimum of $220 and could go up depending on the route your driver chooses and the impact of traffic delays.

Hire car

If driving is more your thing, you could hire a car and drive to the Gold Coast yourself. Brisbane Domestic Airport has a range of car hire services available, and you could pay as little as $55 or up to $200. It all depends on the business and how long you want to keep the car. This is a reasonable option, but driving yourself still has its limitations.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, getting lost is definitely a worry. So much relies on taking the right exit as you hurtle down the Pacific Motorway; miss your exit and it could be some time before you’ll get another chance to turn off. The Brisbane to Gold Coast roads can be extremely busy, so you may be forced to travel at off-peak times to avoid congestion. You will also incur all toll road fees and parking costs for your vehicle. Finally, while you’re behind the wheel, there’s not a lot else you can do! Forget about checking last minute emails, fixing your make up or going over your business presentation before you reach your destination.

Compare and contrast

With all of that in mind, it’s worth considering the benefits of Car Australia Limousines on the Gold Coast or from Brisbane.

Fixed fees

What makes Car Australia more affordable than other transport options is that you only pay one pre-arranged, fixed-rate fee for your journey, no matter how bad the traffic may be or how many toll roads you pass. Car Australia’s affordable fixed-rate does away with any dodgy add-on charges or unpredictable metered outcomes.

Professional drivers

Your experienced Car Australia driver will be refreshingly professional and courteous, and will easily navigate through Brisbane or the Gold Coast region to deliver you safely to your destination. With the added options of luxury vans and coaches, Car Australia is also a fantastic option for large families or groups.

A touch of luxury

When it comes to buses, trains and taxis, you never quite know what you’re going to find when you step inside. They can be old, smelly and uncomfortable – and you know you’ll be spending over two hours in that atmosphere! With Car Australia, that’s no longer an issue. Our sedans are stylish, sophisticated, and very comfortable, making them a great place to spend some time. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about leaving your possessions behind on the train, or arriving with your freshly pressed suit scrunched and dirty. You’ll arrive refreshed, relaxed and excited about the day ahead.

It’s your schedule, not ours

The other transportation services listed above only run at certain hours of the day. This can be a huge inconvenience when you have limited time to enjoy yourself or to make it to that crucial meeting. Car Australia, however, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can be sure that there will be someone waiting for you when your plane lands, eager to get you where you need to be.

Imagine travelling with no more long tax queues, and no more waiting around for buses or trains that never show up. There’s no better way to start your holiday or business trip than with a comfortable, door-to-door transport service.

Hiring a car requires the added stress of navigating yourself through an unknown city, and means you have to battle congested highways. With Car Australia, worry no more! Our experienced drivers are the best in the business, and we’ll get you where you need to be as quickly as possible. All you need to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy the view out the window.

Enjoy your next trip from Brisbane to the Gold Coast with the ease and sophistication of Car Australia. With great value for money, why subject yourself to hassle and expense? Travel to the Gold Coast in style!

Call us on 1300 661 119 or make a booking online . Travel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast in luxury, without the luxury price tag!

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