6 February, 2015

There are a number of different ways to get to the airport and not all of them are equal. Some modes of transport appear to be more affordable, but when you factor in the time required, and the reliability, you might wish you had of paid just that little bit more.

Getting to the airport on time can be the difference between making and missing a plane, and in the era of non-refundable flights, failing to plan your mode of airport transport could start your holiday or business trip with a very sour taste. From public and private transport, airport shuttles and the highly sought after lift from friends and family we explain some of the pros and cons of each option so you can plan the best option for your situation.

1.     Trains

Trains and busses can be a good option for some, and may be among the most affordable option. Depending how close you live to the airport this could be your best bet, however in Brisbane, Sydney and other capital cities in Australia the cost of an airport train service is more than triple the cost of a regular train fare, as networks use the airport line as a profiteering route.

A journey of less than 7km from Brisbane City to the Airport costs $17.00 (as of Jan 2015) and if you need to go further to the suburbs of Brisbane expect to pay between $22-27.00 per fare depending on the zone.

Not to mention the train stops at all stations, making a journey home or to the airport taking up to an hour despite the fact it may only be a 20-minute drive away.

 2.     Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttles are another option, but can be frustratingly slow and tedious. Especially when you are tired from a long trip and just want to get home. Instead you’ll stop off at what seems like everyone else’s front door, until you reach yours. Oh and it’s a flat fare of between $30-49 per person for Brisbane residents. It might be worth it if you live in the outer suburbs, but if you are travelling as a group – or even a couple – it’s worth considering pooling your money together to arrange private airport transport to take you from door-to-door without all the other stops in between.

 3.     Friend or Family Drop Off/Pick Up

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting your friends or family to pick you up or drop you off after a domestic or international flight? What happens though if your plane leaves at 6am? This means you’ll need to be there at least before 5.30am for a domestic flight, and 4am for an international flight, and you’ll have to be awake even earlier. While it’s great to get a lift, it’s important to remember to consider will you friends or family really be keen to do this favour, and if they need to pick you up from your home will they be on time?  If your family or friends are collecting you and your flight it delayed, or it takes you a while to get through customs/baggage claim they’ll also be paying a lot for parking.

4. Private Airport Transfers

Like taxis, private airport transfers take you from door to door, however unlike taxis these will wait for you in the terminal, meaning no queues, no delays, or competing with other travellers for the same cab. With very reasonable fares, operators like Car Australia can get you from your home or hotel to the airport and vice versa. They won’t also charge ridiculous fees for using your credit card, or the sneaky hidden costs of using toll roads or tunnels – and they’ll always take you the most direct route with the fare arranged in advance beforehand.

If you need a reliable, timely and affordable Brisbane airport transfer, Car Australia is awaiting your discovery. With a fleet of luxury vehicles, no matter the time of day we can get you to and from Brisbane airport on time – every time. Call us today and let us take the stress and chance out of getting to the airport and make getting to Brisbane airport both easy and convenient. Phone 1300 661 119.