Journey: Sydney Airport To Nowra

Sydney is your gateway to the beautiful New South Wales south coast. And of the south coast, Nowra is undoubtedly a crown jewel. Hugging the coastline south of Wollongong, it’s no surprise that Nowra attracts plenty of visitors every year. So, how can you get to Nowra from Sydney airport? There are plenty of options! Sydney has unrivalled train and bus networks, which means public transport is always an option. However, it’s a long journey of about 160km, so public transport can be time-consuming. A journey of that distance pretty much rules out taxis as well. Which leaves the most appealing option of them all: a transfer from Car Australia. At Car Australia we offer premium and luxury vehicles, with door-to-door service from Sydney airport to Nowra. And the best part is that our prices rival all alternative forms of transport. It’s only the quality of our service that is higher!

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Getting to Nowra from Sydney Airport: Travel times, pick up and drop off

Before you embark on one of the more scenic airport runs in Australia, it’s best that you know what you’re in for. To help you out in that regard, we have listed some useful info here.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times: Sydney airport to Nowra and back

Despite the distance between the two, getting from Sydney airport to Nowra doesn’t take too long. On average, the journey takes around 140 minutes, but this can vary during peak hour traffic.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Nowra – 170 minutes
  • Nowra to airport – 170 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Nowra – 130 minutes
  • Nowra to airport – 120 minutes

Pick up & drop off: Sydney airport

Sydney airport – with three terminals and thousands of passengers a day, calling it busy would be an understatement. Yet, with such great organisation, navigating the terminals is fast and easy. When you arrive in one of the domestic terminals, you can head straight for one of three pick up options. There’s priority pick up, express pick up, and blue emu pick up. You can also vie for a kerbside spot on the arrivals road! If you’re arriving at the international airport, there is space for you to be collected on the arrivals road, or in the P9 car park. In the P9 car park, you’ll find the express pick up section. If you’re departing domestically, it’s as easy as going to the departures road. The same applies to the international terminal as well!

Pick up and drop off: Nowra

Nowra is one of southern New South Wales’ more prominent seaside towns. It houses a thriving dairy industry, a comfortable leisure scene, and even a range of stunning state forests. Basically, Nowra has every imaginable form of relaxation covered. The Nowra area covers some ground though, so getting around without a car can take some getting used to. Luckily, Car Australia can help you there. Not only can we get you from Sydney airport to Nowra, but we can also get you around Nowra. Simply let us know where you want to go, and we will collect you and take you there. That’s all a part of our door-to-door service model – it helps you make the most of your time in Nowra.