Journey: Sydney Airport To Cherrybrook

Whether you’re coming home after a holiday abroad, or on one of your own, the journey from Sydney airport to Cherrybrook is a frequently made one. Cherrybrook is on the north side of the Sydney CBD, a little over 30km from the airport in Mascot. Getting between the two is easy; Sydney is known for its proliferation of transport opportunities.

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Sydney Airport to Cherrybrook: What your trip will look like

Travelling across Sydney from south to north or north to south is always an interesting experience. If you haven’t done it before, then take a look at some of our useful tips below.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times: Cherrybrook to Sydney airport, return

Sydney is Australia’s largest city, so it won’t surprise you to know that its traffic is quite dynamic. On average it takes around 60 minutes to get from Sydney airport to Cherrybrook, but this time can vary during peak hour traffic.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to  Cherrybrook– 65 minutes
  • Cherrybrook to airport – 85 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Cherrybrook – 45 minutes
  • Cherrybrook to airport – 45 minutes

Sydney airport to Cherrybrook: Where to go when you arrive at the terminal

It makes sense that Australia’s largest city would have the country’s largest airport. And that’s exactly what Sydney has! The Sydney airport is comprised of three terminals: two domestic and one international. But, although that might sound like a challenge, the airport is very well configured. Getting around is simple! When you arrive, you have numerous collection options. For international arrivals, we recommend express pick up in the P9 car park. It’s marked with the yellow lines, and easy to find. For domestic arrivals, we recommend either priority pick up, express pick up, or blue emu. We have listed them in order of their proximity to the airport, with priority being closest. Alternatively, you can try your like in the kerbside collection space, in front of the terminals.

For departures, the international terminal has a dedicated level, where you can find drop off spaces. These spaces include handicap accessible zones. Likewise, both domestic terminals have dedicated departures levels, complete with handicap accessible zones. With such an abundance of transport options and designated spaces to match, Sydney airport is a well-organised space for all travellers.

Sydney airport to Cherrybrook: Pick up and drop off around Cherrybrook

Cherrybrook is a leafy suburb on the northern side of Sydney. It is appropriately named after the Cherrybrook Farm, which had extensive orchards, including the likes of cherry trees, plums, pears and peaches. Today, you can enjoy its quiet and peaceful atmosphere—although there are fewer fruit trees to enjoy! To make your trip to or from Cherrybrook easy, we can collect you from anywhere in the suburb. Simply choose a space that is convenient, and let us know.