Sydney Airport is Australia’s largest and busiest airport and is located in the suburb of Mascot. The airport sits approximately 8 kilometres from the city centre and offers a wide range of transport options to the suburb of Blacktown in Sydney’s greater western region. These options include trains, buses, taxis, hire cars and private transfer services. The journey between Blacktown and Sydney airport takes on average 50 minutes and covers a distance of 40.5 kilometres. The considerable distance between the two places means that options like taxis and hire cars can tend to be quite expensive. On the other hand, public transport whilst always a cost-effective option is often quite time consuming and the lines from Sydney Airport to Blacktown are indirect, requiring changeovers.

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Blacktown to Sydney Airport – Journey planning tips

To avoid finding yourself in a frantic rush before your trip to Blacktown has begun, we would recommend setting out your itinerary early. Here are some tips that might help you do so.

Pick Up and Other Information

Journey travel times

Travel times across Sydney can vary widely due to heavy traffic on chaotic city roads. Luckily though, our highly experienced drivers are accustomed to driving Sydney’s busy streets and can handle the city traffic with ease so that you don’t have to. Their local knowledge enables them to always have you on the fastest and most efficient route to your destination. The average journey time from Sydney Airport to Blacktown is 50 minutes. During peak times your trip may extend to 1 hour and 5 minutes and during off-peak times your journey could be reduced to 35 minutes.

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport has to accommodate immense volumes of travellers and visitors every day between its international and domestic services. To manage the large numbers, passengers are spread across three designated terminals. The international terminal – T1, the domestic terminal handling Virgin, Jetstar and REX flights – T2 and the domestic terminal which handles Qantas and Qantas link flights – T3. The airline you fly with will determine which terminal you will be departing from or arriving at. With a Car Australia transfer, passengers can share their flight details with the driver at the time of booking, enabling our drivers to drop you off directly at the entrance doors of your corresponding terminal. That will leave you with more time to explore the fantastic airport features that Sydney has to offer. Between dining, shopping and lounging, as well as terminal Wi-Fi, you’re sure to be well entertained.


Blacktown is one of Greater Western Sydney’s most multicultural suburbs and as a result offers a melting pot of diverse ethnicities and characters as well as plenty of multicultural food options. The atmosphere is friendly and quiet in Blacktown and there are plenty of shopping opportunities, schools, parks, restaurants and easily accessible transport making the suburb highly convenient and pleasantly self-contained. For your next airport transfer to Blacktown simply make a booking via our mobile app, on our website or by giving us a call.