Journey: Sydney Airport to Macquarie Park

Sydney airport is situated quite centrally, just 8km south of the CBD. However, getting from Sydney airport to Macquarie Park can require a bit of inside knowledge. If you take the right route, your journey will probably be around 34-44 minutes. With a chauffeured car from Car Australia, this will be time spent in comfort. While there is a range of transport options in and around Sydney airport, none of these quite compare to Car Australia.

Citicar’s range of chauffeur driven vehicles caters to all budgets. Our Sydney airport to Macquarie Park service maintains excellent value for money, as well as increased comfort and convenience. At Car Australia, we offer door-to-door private transport and we are available at any time of day or night. Despite what you might think, our pricing is still on par with other transport alternatives. We even offer private shuttles and buses for large groups, which can save you money.

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Macquarie Park to Sydney Airport with Car Australia: Pick up and Information

Upon arriving at Sydney airport, you will have access to world-class facilities, including extensive retail, dining, accommodation and entertainment opportunities. With Car Australia, you can enjoy these in the knowledge that reliable transport is never far away.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel Time: Sydney Airport To Macquarie Park

Macquarie Park to Sydney airport is a relatively straightforward journey. However, with Car Australia, it gets easier still. We offer a complete, door-to-door service and premium or luxury vehicles to suit all budgets. Our drivers are of an international standard, so you can rest assured that they will get you to your destination in the shortest possible time. Generally, the travel time getting from Sydney airport to Macquarie Park is 35 minutes and from Macquarie Park to the airport is 40 minutes. During peak travel periods this is likely to increase, so keep that in mind when making any important bookings.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Macquarie Park – between 30 and 55 minutes
  • Macquarie Park to airport – between 35 and 70 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Macquarie Park – between 24 and 35 minutes
  • Macquarie Park to airport – between 28 and 40 minutes

Sydney Airport Pick up and Information

Sydney airport is an internationally renowned facility. The international and domestic airports offer a range of pick up and drop off options. At the international airport, you will have access to the express pick up section, which is marked with yellow signs. Situated in the P9 car park, you will be able to wait here for up to 15 minutes without charge. Drivers can follow the yellow signs from the arrivals forecourt to get here. Drops off is located on the departures level of T1 international, where there are also several disability spaces.

At the domestic terminal, you will have a few more pick up and drop off options. These include:

  • Drop offs at the departure level of both domestic terminals, where waiting is restricted to about one minute. There are also two kerbside spaces available adjacent to the arrivals hall, where you can pick up passengers. Again, waiting is restricted and you cannot leave your vehicle.
  • Priority pick up, which is the most convenient option for a lot of drivers. This is located 4 minutes’ walk from the domestic terminals and it is available for a price that starts at $4. Passengers and drivers can find it by following the green signs. Payments must be made using an e-Tag.
  • Express pick up is the next easiest option for collections, and it is situated 8 minutes’ walk from the terminals. Drivers and passengers need to follow the yellow signs to find the express pick up zone.
  • Blue Emu pick up is another easy option. It is located a ten-minute bus ride from the terminals. Follow the blue emu signs when coming to the airport via the M5. The buses depart approximately once every 10-15 minutes.

Macquarie Park Pick up and Information

Macquarie Park is 15km northwest of the CBD. It is a bustling commercial centre that boasts a ranking of fourth in terms of job concentration. The commercial reputation of Macquarie Park has made it home to the Australian offices of leading tech and luxury car brands. It is also home to Macquarie University which is one of Australia’s largest universities. To make your job of navigating Macquarie Park easier, Car Australia can collect you from anywhere in the area. Simply let us know where you are and we will collect you.