Journey: Sydney Airport To Kings Cross

On the edge of the Sydney CBD lies one of the country’s premier nightlife and entertainment districts: Kings Cross. Tourists from Australia and abroad alike flock to the Cross, as it is known, in great numbers every day. And of course that means the trip from Sydney Airport to Kings Cross is one made frequently. For some travellers, this means catching a bus, a train, or a taxi. But there is a better option available at your fingertips: a transfer from Car Australia. With Car Australia, you can get from Sydney airport to Kings Cross in comfort, style, and most importantly, convenience. We offer door-to-door service, twenty-four hours a day, with a range of premium and luxury cars. Our drivers are professional chauffeurs as well, so you know that the service you receive will be top notch. So for your next trip from Sydney airport to Kings Cross, take the easy route with Car Australia.

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Getting prepared: Sydney airport to Kings Cross with Car Australia

Whether you’re travelling at a leisurely pace, or on a strict timeline, it’s useful to know what to expect before you leave. That’s why we have drawn on some of our experiences to give you a broad overview of your journey from Sydney airport to Kings Cross.

Pick Up and Other Information

Kings Cross to Sydney airport is not a long journey – here are the travel times you can expect

Despite what you’ve probably heard about Sydney traffic, the trip from the airport to Kings Cross is not a long one. On average, the journey takes just 25 minutes but can differ during peak hours.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Kings Cross – 35 minutes
  • Kings Cross to airport – 30 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Kings Cross – 20 minutes
  • Kings Cross to airport – 22 minutes

Sydney airport: Before you navigate Kings Cross, you need to navigate the airport – here’s how

Navigating any major city can be a source of stress for the average traveller. And for similar reasons, so can navigating the airport! But, when it comes to Sydney airport, that simply needn’t be the case. Sydney airport is very well organised, and getting around is a breeze. When you add a transfer with Car Australia into the mix, the whole affair becomes easier still. Our drivers can pick you up or drop you off at any point of your choosing. In Sydney airport, this includes the arrivals or departures level, express pick up, priority pick up, and eve blue emu pick up. For the international terminals, it includes express pick up in the P9 car park, the arrivals road, and the departures road. Simply choose one that is convenient for you!

Kings Cross is one of Sydney’s cultural hubs: Enjoy it with Car Australia

No doubt you’ve heard of Kings Cross and its famed nightclubs, bars and restaurants. And we could give you extensive information on all of these – but chances are, it’s something you would rather explore on your own terms! Luckily, we can help you with that. Simply choose a drop off or pick up point and let us know. Our drivers will collect you from wherever you like, whenever you like. Located just 2km east of the CBD, Kings Cross is centrally located, easy to navigate, and full of endless dining and entertainment opportunities. So make the most of them with your Car Australia transfer!