Sydney is widely considered the economic and cultural capital of Australia. So it’s little surprise that your transport options are many and varied. If you need to make the 8km journey from Sydney airport to Alexandria, you can choose from buses, trains, taxis and much more. But the most convenient choice by far is a chauffeured airport transfer from Car Australia.

At Car Australia we offer twenty-four hour, door-to- door service from Sydney airport to Alexandria. And to make our services as accessible as possible, we are proud to offering pricing that is on par with most of Sydney’s transport options. So instead of battling public transport with heavy luggage, why not choose the comfortable option? Our chauffeurs are trained professionals and they will get you from Sydney airport to Alexandria quickly, directly and in comfort.

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Alexandria to Sydney airport and back: some useful information

If you haven’t made the journey from Sydney airport to Alexandria before, you may be wondering what it involves. To make your trip easier, we have put together a brief overview of what to expect when you travel from Alexandria to Sydney airport and back.

Sydney airport to Alexandria: your travel times

Sydney airport is not very far from Alexandria at all. And that means that your journey will be relatively short. Even in heavy traffic, your trip will probably only take between 8 and 22 minutes from the airport, or between 6 and 14 minutes to the airport. Off peak, you are looking at shorter journeys still. From the airport to Alexandria off-peak, your trip will be just 7-16 minutes. In the other direction at the same time, it’ll be just 7-14 minutes.

Sydney airport: finding your way around

With three terminals and an abundance of pick-up and drop-off options, Sydney airport is definitely Australia’s biggest. But, thanks to its excellent facilities, getting around isn’t hard. In terms of pick up and drop off facilities, you have a few options. In the international terminal, you can access express pick up, which is marked in yellow and offers fifteen minutes’ free waiting. Drop offs are also easy, with space allocated on the departures level of the international terminal.

At the domestic terminal, you have drop off spaces on the departures level. But for pick-ups, you have three options: priority, express, and blue emu. Priority is the closest, but also the most expensive. Express is the second closest, and it’s just 8 minutes away from the terminal. Then, there’s blue emu, which is a ten-minute shuttle bus ride from the terminals. If you find yourself in Sydney airport with some time to spare, there is plenty to keep you occupied. From great bars and restaurants, to excellent retail outlets, Sydney airport has a lot to choose from.

Enjoy Alexandria with door-to-door service from Car Australia

Alexandria is an inner city Sydney suburb, which is about 4km south of the CBD. For the most part, Alexandria is occupied by industrial businesses. However it also has great sports and recreational facilities, as well as medium to high-density residential areas. If you want to make the most of your time in Alexandria, you can organise to be collected or dropped off anywhere in Alexandria. As a part of our door-to- door service guarantee, we will collect you from whatever part of Alexandria is most convenient.