Margaret River is popular location about 277 km south of Perth, and it’s known internationally as one of the finest wine producing regions. That means there are thousands of people passing through each week, with many coming via Perth Airport, the nearest domestic and international airport to the region. If you want to get from Perth Airport to Margaret River, you’re going to need the right transport. Public transport and taxis are not always viable over such distances, due to time and price constraints. So you’re going to be left with two options: hire cars, or private transfers. Hire cars may seem simple, but they’re expensive, and they leave with the added cost of fuel. On top of that, you need to navigate an unfamiliar area – starting at the bustling Perth Airport, and ending almost three hundred kilometres away. A transfer, on the other hand, will be ready and waiting when you arrive. Simply step on, and enjoy the sights. With predictable pricing and comfortable cars, there’s plenty to recommend it.

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If you have tours to make, meetings to attend, or reservations to meet, then time is of the essence in your trip. You’re going to need to have a fair idea of what timeframes await you, and that’s something we can help with. Here’s a quick guide to your Margaret River trip.

Pick Up and Other Information

Trip times – Margaret River to Perth Airport and back

Because it’s such a distance from Perth Airport to Margaret River, the trip can take a little while. We expect average times of 200 minutes, but there are many factors that can cause that to vary. Traffic is one example. During peak hour, when thousands of commuters flood the Perth streets, congestion can cause the travel time to increase to around 210 minutes. Of course, that’s less of an issue once you escape the hustle and bustle and continue south down the coast. When peak period is over, the trip can be a little more relaxed with travel times between Perth Airport and Margaret River of closer to 180 minutes.

Perth Airport

Perth Airport has four separate terminals, with each dedicated to a different range of services. They include international services from a whole host of carriers, domestic services from budget and premium airlines, and regional services that cater for the vast expanses of Western Australia and beyond. To accommodate the many travellers passing through, the Airport has long term, short term, covered, and uncovered parking options. It also has waiting zones, taxi ranks, and commercial spaces. In addition to that, it has the traditional kerbside collection options, complete with various disabled spaces. When you arrive, your Car Australia transfer will be ready and waiting, so you needn’t worry about the logistics of your arrival and departure from Perth Airport. Simply jump the queue and enjoy the comfort of our premium and luxury vehicles.

Margaret River

Margaret River is a coastal town in south west Western Australia, with a combination of stunning oceanic views, temperate inland conditions, and vast expanses of fertile soil. Those factors combine to produce some of the world’s finest wine, which you can enjoy at one of the region’s many wineries, restaurants, and bars. If outdoor activity is more your speed, you can enjoy the world-class surf of the Margaret River coastline, or some of the many bushwalks and fishing opportunities nearby. To make the most of it, secure the most reliable transport in Margaret River by booking with Car Australia.