Perth Airport is the largest airport, and only international airport, in Western Australia. It sits about 10km east of the Perth CBD, and it takes about 35 to 40 minutes to get there from Joondalup, depending on the time of day. There are plenty of transport options in and around Perth Airport, including taxis, buses, and rental cars, but the best option is a transfer from Car Australia. Sure, buses are cheap, but they take a long time and there’s often a lot of walking involved in between your last bus stop and your destination.

Taxis might seem like a more direct option, but their prices can be unpredictable and the taxi queue can get long on a busy day. Hire cars are another possibility, but they can be more expensive still, and they leave you with the challenge of navigating an unfamiliar place. That’s why we recommend a Car Australia transfer. We operate at all times of the day and night, so no matter when your flight arrives or departs, we can be there.

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Joondalup to Perth Airport

Before you set of to catch your plane out of Perth, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the journey. After all, you need to leave enough time to get from point A to point B without running late for your flight. So let’s take a look at what you can expect on your trip from Perth Airport to Joondalup and back.

Pick Up and Other Information

The trip

Travel times vary between Perth Airport and Joondalup, with traffic usually being the determinative factor. If it’s peak hour, the trip can take from 40-45 minutes, with congestion on the roads slowing your progress. But when the roads are clear, you could be looking at just 30 minutes in the car between Joondalup and Perth Airport. Of course, traffic isn’t the only thing that can set your travel times back a bit. Road works, or inclement weather can also cause brief delays, but its uncommon for a trip from Perth Airport to Joondalup to take more than 45 minutes.

The airport

Perth Airport is a major hub, not just for Western Australia, but for that global region as a whole. Due to Western Australia’s geographical isolation, Perth is a central point for many travellers passing through, or staying for a while. To keep up with demand, Perth Airport has four terminals. The first hosts international flights, and boasts several levels and lounge facilities. The second terminal hosts virgin Australia services, along with a few other carriers, while the third and fourth terminals are dedicated to Qantas and Jetstar flights. Perth Airport comes complete with plenty of parking options, but if you choose to travel with Car Australia you won’t need to worry about those. We will collect you adjacent to the terminal, and drop you back in similar proximity when you’re done.  All you’ll need to do is navigate the arrivals and departures halls!


Joondalup is an iconic suburb about 26km north of the Perth CBD, and we can take you anywhere in and around the Joondalup area. It’s known as a primary urban centre for Perth’s northern suburbs, and is widely regarded to have a CBD of its own, which centres on Grand Boulevard. There, you’ll find shopping hubs and dining opportunities, alongside townhouses and apartments. In celebration of all that is unique about the area, the Joondalup festival takes place annually, with markets, street art, parades, and even fair rides. There are plenty of parks around Joondalup, too, including Neil Hawkins Park, which is known for its parrots, cockatoos, and kangaroos.