Perth Airport is the largest in Western Australia, and it lies about ten kilometres out of the city. There’s no shortage of transport around Perth Airport, either, with taxis, buses and shuttles all available. But what’s the best option? Buses and shuttles can take a long time, given that they need to stop frequently for other passengers. Taxis are more direct, but they come with a queue at the taxi rank, and their fees can be quite high over longer journeys.

That’s why a direct transfer with Car Australia is the best option. At Car Australia, we offer door to door transfer services complete with professional service and pre-booking facilities. With us, you won’t need to wait in a queue; simply arrive at Perth Airport, and step right into your transfer to the city.

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Your Perth Airport to Perth City travel guide

Perth is a big city, and if you haven’t made the trip to Perth Airport before you may be unfamiliar with what awaits you. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide on getting from Perth Airport to the city. It includes everything from travels times to airport navigation, so your transfer can be as smooth as possible.

Pick Up and Other Information

Perth Airport to city distance

Perth Airport is ten kilometres from the CBD, which means the trip is not too long. On average, it takes our drivers 18 minutes to get from Perth Airport to the city. Of course, traffic may have a say in how long your journey is, and in peak hour you can expect a trip of around 22 minutes. Perth may be a big city, but it is exceptionally well set out, so congestion is normally quite mild. In fact, when there is less traffic, it can take us as few as 12 minutes to get from Perth Airport to the city.

Getting Around Perth Airport

Getting from Perth Airport to the city is easy when you book with Car Australia. There are four terminals that comprise Perth Airport, and we can meet you at whichever is most convenient. The first terminal is the international one, and it’s divided into two levels: arrivals, and departures. That means getting in and out to your transfer is very straightforward. The remaining three terminals service domestic passengers travelling on a whole host of carriers, including Qantas, Virgin, REX and Alliance. The terminal you choose will depend on where you’re coming from, and which company you’re flying with. But you can rest assured that your Car Australia transfer will be there in advance to collect you.

Getting around Perth with Car Australia

At Car Australia, we don’t only offer trips from Perth Airport to the city; we also offer tailored transport city-wide. That means we can continue to service your transport needs even after you arrive in Perth City from the airport. Perth is a vibrant city with lots on offer, so reliable transport is essential.

The CBD is bordered by the iconic swan river, and houses one of Australia’s top ten tallest buildings, along with a range of corporate landmarks including the BHP headquarters. If you prefer to take it easy, Perth has some terrific coastlines in close proximity, as well as an abundance of urban green-space. With an eclectic collection of bars, restaurants, and cafes scattered throughout a landscape like that, you’re sure to be entertained. To see it all comfortably, just let us know from where you would like to be collected, and where in Perth you would like to be taken.

We aim to keep your waiting times at an absolute minimum. Our team will be tracking your flight to ensure that your city transfer from Perth Airport is ready to go when you are. We guarantee our drivers’ timely arrival, which means the only waiting you’ll need to do is in the baggage collection hall. Once you have disembarked and collected your luggage, simply walk to your waiting transfer and we will take care of the rest.

Car Australia offers airport to Perth City transfers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that flights can arrive at unusual times, which is why we are active all day every day. If your flight is delayed by a few hours, we can adjust your booking accordingly. And we will be tracking your flight number to ensure that we are ready and waiting whether you’re late, early, or right on time.

The Car Australia fleet has a range of vehicles to cater for all manner of transport needs. We know that some people pack light, while others need to travel with a bit more luggage in the boot. So you can rest assured that our vehicles can cater for a significant amount of luggage. However, every vehicle has its limits, so if you think you’ve got a particularly large volume of luggage then let us know. We can make arrangements to ensure that you and your luggage get from Perth Airport to the city.

In the same way that our vehicles can cater for a lot of luggage, they can also cater for a lot of people. We have premium and luxury vehicles from sedans to minibuses, which means we can comfortably take anywhere from one passenger to twenty. If you’re travelling in an even larger group, we can make arrangements to cater for you through our partner company, Hughes, which has coach options for twenty or more.