Baldivis is a semi rural suburb about 50km away from the hustle and bustle of Perth Airport. Getting from Perth Airport to Baldivis can take a while on public transport, given the distance, and it often requires numerous transfers. That means walking to and from terminals with your bags in tow, and it’s not the most glamorous start to your trip. The other option is a taxi, but over 50km that can become expensive and unpredictably so. Hire cars are available, as well, but they are also expensive and leave you with the challenge of navigating unfamiliar territory. That’s why we would recommend a private transfer from Car Australia. With us, you get door to door transport from Perth Airport to Baldivis, whenever you need it. Just book ahead, let us know the details of your trip, and let our professional chauffeurs take care of the rest.

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Baldivis to Perth Airport travel guide

If you aren’t familiar with the Perth and Baldivis areas, then planning ahead can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve got a few tips listed below.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times

Perth Airport is connected to Baldivis by some of Western Australia’s most efficient roadway. Paired with the local knowledge of your Car Australia chauffeur, that make for a relatively quick journey. In fact, it normally takes only 45 minutes to cover the 50km from Perth Airport to Baldivis. Of course, if you land during a busy holiday period, or leave the airport when between four and six in the afternoon, your trip might be delayed a little by the flood of commuters. But even then, your trip is unlikely to exceed 50 minutes in duration. If you time it right, on the other hand, you can shave five minutes off the average time and enjoy a trip of just 40 minutes from Baldivis to Perth Airport.

Perth Airport

Perth may not be Australia’s biggest city, but it still boasts an airport of high international standards. With a remarkable four terminals and five different indoor, outdoor, express, and long term parking options, it’s sure to impress you. Perth Airport links some of the most remote parts of Australia with the rest of the world, so it’s little surprise that it needs to accommodate a large number of travellers. To do so its services are divided between the four terminals, with international flights housed in terminal one (international), Virgin flights in terminal one (domestic), and regional then Qantas flights housed in terminals three and four. That means the terminal you see will depend on your destination, your origin, and the brand of your airline. All terminals offer great facilities, though, so you won’t be short changed!


Baldivis is a quiet and semi rural suburb on the outskirts of Perth – about 46km away from the busy city centre. It may not be the most remote location by any stretch, but you can feel the stress of the city slip away the closer you get to the Baldivis area. Once there, you’ll find a charming suburb with no shortage of greenspace, and plenty of room for the dog! On top of that, residents enjoy a well-appointed recreational centre and sporting grounds, the Mary Davies Library, and even a bike pump park.  For the children there’s a ‘children’s forest,’ which offers no end of adventure for the imaginative mind! However, seeing Baldivis will be tricky without reliable transport. To help with that, we offer door to door transport services across the area.