Melbourne Airport lies about 23km to the north west of Melbourne, and it’s adjacent to the suburb of Tullamarine. It consists of four terminals, and is known as an internationally renowned flight facility. If you’re travelling from Melbourne Airport to Toorak, then you have no shortage of options at your disposal. You could travel by bus, train, tram, or taxi, but all come with their own drawbacks. For example buses are time consuming, and they aren’t always the most comfortable or efficient way to travel.

Taxis can be expensive, and when there’s a run on the taxi rank you can find yourself waiting in a queue for quite some time. That leaves the standout: a chauffeured transfer from Car Australia. At Car Australia we offer door to door transfers from Melbourne Airport to Toorak, utilising our fleet of luxury vehicles, driven by professional chauffeurs. We offer day and night services, and maintain prices that are on par with most alternatives.

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Travel Guide

If you’ve not travelled from Melbourne Airport to Toorak before, then it may help you to know what your journey will look like. Research is the foundation of a reliable plan, and with years of experience we have certainly done ours. Here are some of the insights we have gained.

Pick Up and Other Information

Journey times

Travel times in and around Melbourne are notoriously changeable, thanks to the city’s large population of drivers. During peak periods, the streets of the inner city (including Toorak) are flooded with commuters, and that can easily cause slight delays to your travel times. Generally, it takes us 45 minutes to get from Melbourne Airport to Toorak, but in heavy traffic it is often closer to 50 minutes. By the same token, it can take us a little less time to travel outside of peak periods. Often, it takes around 40 minutes when conditions are favourable.

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has four different terminals, with each dedicate to a unique and important service. The first terminal hosts Qantas’ domestic and regional services, with departures on the first floor, and arrivals on ground floor. The second terminal is the international terminal, and it facilities overseas flights from a number of multinational carriers. Terminal three is home to Virgin Australia airlines, as well as REX Flights from regional parts of the country. Finally, terminal four offers budget domestic services from carriers such as TigerAir, Jetstar, and Air North. Each of the terminals share one thing in common, though: terrific transit facilities. There are restaurants, retail opportunities, and plenty to keep you occupied before your flight departs. There is also free Wi-Fi across all terminals, which means you can keep connected in transit.


Toorak is well regarded as one of Australia’s most sought-after suburbs, and when you visit it will be clear why.  Sitting just five kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, it consistently boasts some of the highest median house prices in Australia. The area is abundantly liveable, with plenty of green space and consistently well kept houses. There’s plenty of history in between them, too, with institutions such as the Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club being around since the late nineteenth century.

Intersecting the whole suburb is the iconic Toorak Road, which is home to the Torah Village, among other things. There, you will find a strip of shops and cafes that are perfect the a leisurely mid morning coffee. If you want to see the best of Toorak from the comfort of a luxury limousine, then book with Car Australia. Not only can we take you from Melbourne Airport to Toorak, but we can also take you in and around the wider Toorak area.