Melbourne Airport lies in the suburb of Tullamarine, which is about 23 kilometres north west of the city centre. That means it’s some distance from Melbourne Airport to Geelong. However, with so many passengers travelling between the two destinations each week, there’s no shortage of transport options. There are buses, trains, shuttles, taxis and hire cars – to name a few – but choosing the best option is another matter entirely. Public transport is always a budget friendly choice, but if you’re travelling with a group the total cost can add up. Then there’s the service to consider; public transport often involves long waits, transfers from one line to another, and no shortage of walking in between.

Taxis and hire cars are far more direct, but they can be expensive. Taxis charge based on time and distance, which means it’s hard to tell what you price will be going into it. Hire cars are also expensive, and they leave you with the burden of parking, fuel, and navigation, which can be especially tricky in the Melbourne area. For longer distance trip from Melbourne Airport to Geelong, the most cost-effective, efficient, and comfortable choice is a private transfer. With car Australia, you get door to door service, when you need it, and where you need it.

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Melbourne Airport to Geelong travel guide

Whether you’re travelling to Geelong for work or leisure, planning is important. To help you plan your trip, here’s a quick guide to what you should expect in your travels.

Pick Up and Other Information

Melbourne Airport to Geelong: Distance

Melbourne Airport is about 80km north of Geelong, which means you can expect an average travel time of 70 minutes. Of course, when the traffic is heavy your trip might take a little longer – usually about 80 minutes. Luckily, we don’t operate on the same time-charging basis as taxis, which means you don’t have to worry about an expensive bill at the end of a peak hour trip. If it’s not peak hour, your trip may be shorter still, at just one hour or so. So, if you’re running on a tight schedule, we would suggest booking flights that arrive at Melbourne Airport outside of peak hour traffic times.

How to get from Melbourne Airport to your Geelong transfer

Getting through Melbourne Airport can seem daunting if you’ve never been before. It has four terminals in total, which seems like a lot, but each cater for specific services so getting around is easy. Terminal one houses Qantas and its regional and domestic air travel services. Terminal two is the international terminal, which sees a whole host of carriers fly in and out every day. Terminal three is the Virgin and REX terminal, with domestic and regional flights departing and arriving frequently. Finally, there’s terminal four, which services budget domestic flights from a number of brands. Each terminal has nearby parking, waiting, collection, and drop off spaces too, so you won’t have to walk far to find your Geelong transfer. The terminals are also well appointed inside, with free Wi-Fi, abundant dining, and some of the best duty free shopping Australia has to offer. You may find yourself spending more time in there than you intended to!

Getting from Geelong to Melbourne Airport with Car Australia

Geelong is a portside city located at the head of the Barwon River. Its central location in Victoria has earned the nickname of ‘Gateway City,’ which is fitting given that Ballarat lies to the northwest, with Warnambool, Torquay, and the Great Ocean Road to the south. If you were planning a Victorian adventure, Geelong would be the perfect place to start. Although its coastline and countryside are its primary attractions, Geelong has more to offer still. For sporting fans, it has the iconic Geelong Football Club and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, named for the 2009 winner of the Tour De France. In addition, there are bars, restaurants, and plenty of entertainment venues, so there’s no shortage of activities. To see it all, book with Car Australia. We can take you anywhere in and around Geelong; all you need to do is pick a place that’s convenient for you.

When you touch down at Melbourne Airport, you can rest assured that your Car Australia transfer will be ready and waiting. Simply meet us at the agreed location and our driver will take you directly to Geelong. There’s nothing better than beating the queue after a long and late flight, and that’s all part of the service we offer.

Melbourne is an international city, and its airport sees passengers coming and going at all times of the day and night. We understand that reliable transport is necessary twenty four hours a day. To cater for you in that regard, we offer Melbourne Airport to Geelong transfers day and night. And if you get in late, chances are you will enjoy a traffic free run to Geelong.

Whether you’re travelling with a handback or a suitcase, we can cater for your transport needs. Our fleet of vehicles includes sedans, people movers, and even coaches, which means space is never at a premium. Generally, we find that our passengers can fit their luggage in our sedans most of the time. But if you feel that you have more luggage than usual, feel free to get in touch and we will review your needs to ensure that your luggage comes with you.

Our fleet of vehicles is designed to cater for everyone from single travellers, to large groups and even sporting teams. We have access to people-movers with capacity for ten passengers or more, and we also have access to coaches through our partner companies. If you’re travelling with more than ten people, just let us know and we will make a plan to get you and your group from Melbourne Airport to Geelong.