Melbourne Airport lies about 23km out of the city in the suburb of Tullamarine. It is well equipped to facilitate transfers to any part of the Melbourne area, too, including Fitzroy. Fitzroy is in inner city Melbourne, which means that is has plenty of transport options available. There are buses, shuttles, trains, and taxis – and don’t forget about Melbourne’s iconic trams. But in terms of airport transport, the best and most well-priced option is a Car Australia private airport transfer. At Car Australia we maintain the most competitive prices possible, along with the guarantee of premium service. When you book with us, you get transport from Melbourne Airport to Fitzroy at any time of the day or night. You also get your choice of luxury vehicle from our fleet. Our services are private and direct, which means no stops for other passengers to get on and off, and no walking from bus stop to tram stop. Simply get in at the airport, and get out at your destination in Fitzroy.

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Travel guide

The best trips are well-planned ones, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of useful information here. Before you set off, here are some things you need to know.

Pick Up and Other Information

Trip duration

On average, it takes 45 minutes to get from Melbourne Airport to Fitzroy. That takes into account ordinary traffic conditions, and the most direct route possible. However, given that Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia, it is not uncommon for there to be traffic congestion. It’s especially likely during peak hour, when hundreds of thousands of workers take the streets and public transport networks to get home. During that time of day, your trip from Melbourne Airport to Fitzroy may take closer to 50 minutes. If you time your flights right, you can avoid the traffic altogether and enjoy a trip to Fitzroy of just 45 minutes or so.

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport is one of the largest in Australia, and it has four terminals to accommodate the vast number of travellers that pass through every day. Its four terminals are broken up by service, with terminal one dedicated to Qantas, terminal two dedicated to international services, terminal three to Virgin and REX, and terminal four to budget carriers. Each is well serviced by a range of transfer options, with nearby parking, waiting spaces, kerbside areas, and disabled parking zones. When you book with Car Australia, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with stepping off your plan and into your waiting transfer. If you arrive for your flight early after your trip from Fitzroy to Melbourne Airport, simply sit back and enjoy the shopping, dining, and free Wi-Fi that is on offer in each terminal.

The iconic suburb of Fitzroy

Fitzroy sits just 3km from the Melbourne CBD, and is one of the most recognisable suburbs in Australia. In fact, it was planned as Melbourne’s first suburb in 1839, and much of that original architecture still shows in its cobbled laneways and converted stores. Today, it has carried its extensive history into one of Australia’s cultural centres, known for its art, food, innovation, and importantly, coffee. Brunswick Street is the greatest exhibition of these qualities, and its popularity has gained it a reputation as being on of Melbourne’s major retail and nightlife strips. If you want to get to know Fitzroy, you’ll need reliable transport. With Car Australia you can traverse the Fitzroy and inner Melbourne area with ease, comfortable in the knowledge the reliable transport is always just around the corner