Collingwood is an inner-city suburb in Melbourne’s northeast and is located approximately 23.5 kilometres from the suburb of Tullamarine, in which Melbourne Airport resides. Collingwood is easily accessible from the airport and some of your transport options include public transport, taxis, a shuttle and hire cars. Shared transportation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the bus lines between Melbourne and Collingwood are particularly time-consuming. Taxis on the other hand, whilst more direct, are costly and become even more so if you run into traffic or get stuck behind a tram. It’s for these reasons that Car Australia, is by far the best option on the market.

At Car Australia, we provide the best quality service for unbeatable value for money. Our transfers are private and highly convenient, driven by expert chauffeurs in modern and comfortable fleet vehicles. And the best part – our highly competitive industry rates are fixed, meaning no pricey meter charges, no matter the traffic conditions.

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Travel guide – Collingwood to Melbourne Airport

With punctuality and efficiency as our benchmark, Car Australia understands the importance of meeting boarding times and tight schedules. Our drivers are highly adaptive and will always endeavour to provide the utmost convenient and stress-free travel experience for our clients. To help you plan your journey, here are some useful tips.

Pick Up and Other Information

Journey travel times

The journey from Collingwood to Melbourne airport takes on average 30 minutes, however, traffic conditions can affect this time. Peak conditions may see your travel time extend by around 10 minutes and conversely, off-peak traffic could see you arriving much sooner.

Peak hour travel times:

  • Airport to Collingwood – between 35 and 40 minutes
  • Collingwood to airport – between 30 and 40 minutes

Off-peak travel times:

  • Airport to Collingwood – between 21 and 30 minutes
  • Collingwood to airport – between 21 and 30 minutes

Navigating Melbourne Airport

If you’re arriving at Melbourne Airport for the first time, it may take you a moment to establish your bearing and the key is to simply follow the signs. When it comes to pick up and drop off areas, there are plenty of easily accessible and clearly marked zones at each terminal precinct. Your flight will be in one of four passenger terminals and it’s important to read your ticket carefully to find out which terminal your flight departs from:

  • T1— Qantas domestic terminal.
  • T2— Designated international terminal, airlines including Emirates, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Fiji Airways, and Jetstar and more.
  • T3—Virgin Australia, Skywest, and REX domestic terminal.
  • T4—Jetstar and other budget airline terminals.

Melbourne Airport conveniently offers an array of onsite car parking options to choose from, including a long-term and short-term stay, a large multideck parking complex, premium parking and valet parking. All passenger terminals are complete with first-rate airport features and transit facilities for maximum pre-flight entertainment.


Collingwood is an inner-city suburb approximately 3 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD. It is also one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs and features historical architecture and charming 19th-century dwellings. From a modern-day standpoint, Collingwood has made a name for itself through its quirky & eclectic arts and food scene. Exceptional coffee spots, multiple boutique breweries, cafes, restaurants and plenty of bar-hopping opportunities all serve to bolster Collingwood’s trendy reputation. To make the most of your stay in Collingwood, be sure to book with Car Australia. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and proudly service all of Collingwood and surrounding areas.