Melbourne Airport is a large international and domestic airport in the outer Melbourne suburb of Tullamarine. It sits about 23km northwest of the Victorian Capital, and offers no end of transport services to the inner city suburb of Brunswick. There are the usual options, like buses and taxis, along others including shuttles, trams, and hire cars. But the most direct and convenient option is a private transfer from Car Australia. We offer door to door service day and night, to get you where you need to be without unnecessary delay. Our drivers are professional chauffeurs with years of local experience between them; they know Melbourne’s challenging traffic conditions, and they can navigate them with ease. And with prices comparable to most alternatives, it’s hard to beat the value of a private transfer.

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Brunswick to Melbourne Airport travel guide

To avoid finding yourself in a frantic rush before your trip to Brunswick has begun, we would recommend setting out your itinerary early. Here are some tips that might help you do so.

Pick Up and Other Information

Journey times

Travel times vary widely in Melbourne, which can make trip planning a bit of a nightmare. Luckily, though, there’s method to the madness. If you’re travelling from Melbourne Airport to Brunswick during peak hour, then you might find yourself caught in heavy traffic and delayed slightly. When the commuters are out in force, the trip from Melbourne Airport to Brunswick takes about 40 minutes. So, if you want to save time, then we would recommend catching a flight that lands during the day, on a weekend, or otherwise outside of peak hour periods. If you do, you could be looking a trip of just 30 minutes. If you’re undecided, then we would recommend allowing 35 minutes as a minimum for your next trip to Brunswick.

The terminals

Melbourne Airport has to cater for a massive volume of travellers every day. It caters for international and domestic flights, too, which only increases the number of passengers coming and going. To manage them all, it is split into four terminals: the domestic and regional Qantas terminal; the international terminal, the Virgin/REX terminal, and the budget domestic terminal. The flight you catch, and the carrier you choose, will determine which terminal you’re departing from, or arriving at – so don’t forget to check your booking well in advance! If you are departing Melbourne from Brunswick, then we will be sure to get you to the airport with plenty of time to spare. That will leave you with the opportunity to explore the many facilities on offer. There’s dining, shopping, and lounging to enjoy, as well as free Wi-Fi across all four terminals.


Brunswick is one of Melbourne’s most iconic suburbs, and it’s perfectly located at only six kilometres from the CBD. It was first known as Iramoo by its local indigenous inhabitants, before European settlers reshaped the landscape two centuries ago. The Brunswick City Baths opened in 1914, and were renovated and reopened one hundred years later, meaning you can enjoy what they have to offer on your next visit! After the Second World War it then went on to house a large migrant community of people from Greece, Italy, and Malta, which has had an enduring legacy on its food, and even layout. On top of that, there’s stunning architecture to enjoy, including no shortage of traditional churches. If you want to get a feel for Brunswick’s history without the hassle of walking from A to B, then we can help. Our services cover the whole of Brunswick and its surrounds, and you can book at your leisure.