If you’re planning a trip to Brisbane, have you considered hiring a limousine to make it extra special?

Brisbane is a great holiday destination with plenty of attractions, and navigating your way around the city can be confusing. With a Car Australia limousine, you won’t have to worry about battling your way through Brisbane’s roads—instead you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the best of Brisbane, safe in the knowledge that your transport has been taken care of. Simply book a limousine from Car Australia and you will be driven around the city in luxury and comfort.

Affordable, reliable, and convenient, our Brisbane limos will make your trip even more memorable.

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Limousine Hire Brisbane: Navigating Brisbane With Ease

When it comes to navigating Brisbane, a hire car can pose many challenges. The city sometimes feels like a maze of one-way streets and toll roads.

To make matters worse, as with other notorious Australian cities, peak hour traffic can come to a standstill and waste your precious holiday hours. With a limousine from Car Australia, you can forget about these problems and turn your attention to the vibrant city itself. Our drivers know Brisbane’s roads better than anyone. This means that they will get your to and from your destination promptly and without delay.

At Car Australia, we take pride in offering our limousine services for highly competitive prices. Many people believe a limousine to be out of their budget, not realising that hire cars and taxis are comparable in price, but without the benefits of comfort and reliability. Here at Car Australia, our fixed prices mean that you don’t have to worry about taximeters or tolls. Toll roads are dotted throughout Brisbane, and can very easily catch out an unsuspecting visitor. Some of Brisbane’s most significant tollways include:


  • The Clem Jones Tunnel

    This 6.8km tunnel connects Brisbane’s inner-north to the southern and eastern suburbs. It bypasses the CBD entirely and has several points of entry. This means that you can very easily find yourself entering the tunnel and having to pay a toll as a result.

  • Legacy Way

    This tunnel is 4.6km in length and connects Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs with the Western Freeway near Toowong. While it can save you time as a motorist, it also requires a payment within three days.

Car Australia: Meeting your Brisbane Limo Hire Needs

Brisbane limos are a great option for holidaymakers, as they allow you smooth and convenient access to the city’s busiest areas.

With a limousine from Car Australia, you won’t have to worry about finding a park in the CBD, or catching the right bus at the right time. If you’re looking to attend one a Brisbane event, whether a game of footy at Suncorp Stadium, or a musical performance at South Bank, our limousines will save you time and hassle.

During peak times, the crowds in these areas can make parking almost impossible. Likewise, public transport is often at maximum capacity and the line at the taxi rank is endless. By hiring a Car Australia limo, you can arrange to be dropped off and picked up at a convenient location, and save yourself the time and effort of battling the crowds. This will leave you with the freedom to enjoy one of Brisbane’s many live events.

Seeing the City With Brisbane Limousines

Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. This means that there is always a sense of vibrancy and your sightseeing options are endless.

In Brisbane, there is something for everyone, from sports fanatics to music enthusiasts and everything in between. Different regions of Brisbane all bring something unique to the table. The result of this is a dynamic and exciting city, with plenty of opportunities for fun. To help you experience these to the fullest, Car Australia offers door-to-door limousine transport services. Our drivers have a detailed knowledge of Brisbane and always welcome the opportunity to provide you with some friendly advice.


Brisbane’s CBD is arguably the culinary centre of Queensland. The venues and restaurants vary to a large extent and there is everything from high end dining, to casual burger restaurants and pubs.

The epicentre of the CBD’s restaurant scene is Eagle Street Pier, which is home to many of Brisbane’s inner-city restaurants, offering spectacular riverfront dining from within a well-appointed complex. Parking in the CBD, however, can be a real struggle. That is why our limo hire is perfect for enjoying the best of Brisbane’s restaurants. We offer flexible service to bring you convenient and comfortable transport.

Cultural Precincts

Brisbane has an ever-expanding cultural scene, with an abundance of galleries, museums, and exhibitions.

Nowhere is this more evident than South Bank, which lies directly across the Brisbane River from the CBD itself. It’s a bustling hive of activity—among the area’s many restaurants and galleries are the acclaimed GOMA, QPAC, and the convention centre. In addition to this, there is the State Library and a number of museums. These venues are all based within an area known as “The Cultural Centre.” Again, parking is difficult in this area and public transport is often busy. With a Car Australia limousine, you can enjoy the best of South Bank without stress.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Restaurants and nightlife are prevalent across the entire city. From trendy suburban bars and multicultural restaurants, to pulsing inner city nightclubs and bustling pubs, there is no shortage of entertainment. One of the most popular nightlife precincts in the city is Fortitude Valley. Directly beside the city, the Valley offers a smorgasbord of sightseeing opportunities.

Small bars are dotted throughout the area, along with restaurants, nightclubs and live music venues. A short distance from the valley lies Newstead, which also has a strong nightlife scene. With local and visitors flocking to the Valley on Friday and Saturday nights, taxi services can be a nightmare. This makes a Car Australia limo ideal— you can avoid the wait and travel on your own terms.

Tour the Local Region With Our Brisbane Limousines

Brisbane is the heart of Southeast Queensland, which offers everything from pristine beaches to mountainous bushwalks. The region is perfect for a weekend retreat, or a longer holiday if you manage to find the time. Being so spread out, however, can make transport a problem. Fortunately, Car Australia offers the perfect solution, with limo hire services to take you wherever you would like to go.

  • Gold Coast

    Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast is a thrilling amalgamation of beautiful white sand beaches and a city of towering high rises.

    It truly is the best of both worlds, with no shortage of entertainment day and night. The Gold Coast is perfect for everyone, whether you are interested in swimming on the stunning Burleigh Heads Beach, or enjoying a meal at one of its many world-class restaurants.

    Conveniently located just 80km from the heart of Brisbane, the Gold Coast makes for an excellent day trip. With a limousine at your disposal, this will be made even easier and you will have the opportunity to explore the area in comfort and style.

  • Sunshine Coast

    Sunshine Coast

    The Sunshine Coast is a laid back coastal region that is home to the iconic town of Noosa.

    Noosa truly encapsulates the region, with its laid-back vibes and stunning natural beauty. A two-hour drive is all that separates Brisbane from this sleepy coastal retreat.

    With a limousine at your disposal, the drive will be an opportunity to relax in its own right. In addition to Noosa, the Sunshine Coast also boasts of countless other beaches and small coastal towns, including Maroochydore and Caloundra. Each town offers a unique opportunity to relax, enjoy the beach and sample the local cuisine.

  • Hinterlands


    The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast hinterlands lie directly to the west of each region. The Gold Coast Hinterlands are renowned for their unique environment.

    The mountains to the west of the Gold Coast boast stunning subtropical rainforests, which are intersected by the occasional walking track. Similarly, the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands offer stunning rolling hills, with picturesque towns nestled among the hills. It is a popular retreat for many who visit Brisbane, and the region also offers an abundance of local produce.

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Brisbane has so much to explore, and there is no better way to do this than in the comfort of a Car Australia limousine.

We offer a range of premium and luxury vehicles to suit all preferences. Our drivers possess an unrivalled knowledge of Brisbane and its many attractions. With local knowledge and reliable, comfortable transport at your fingertips, a limo is truly the best way to see Brisbane.