Journey: Brisbane Airport to Lennox Head, NSW

Embark on a seamless and satisfying journey with Car Australia from Brisbane Airport, situated in Brisbane’s lively northern suburbs, to the charming coastal village of Lennox Head in New South Wales. About 200 kilometres south of Brisbane Airport, Lennox Head combines laid-back coastal living with modern conveniences, making it an appealing destination for all types of travellers. Under optimal conditions, the journey to Lennox Head takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes, with peak traffic times potentially extending the trip to 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Whether you’re a solo business traveller requiring a top-tier, professional transfer, or a leisure traveller seeking reliable, pre-arranged transportation, Car Australia provides a cost-effective solution designed to fit your needs. We deliver a variety of transport options from Brisbane Airport to Lennox Head, including executive sedans, spacious SUVs, and smart people movers and minibuses. With our flexible fleet, we cater to the necessities of individual travellers or larger groups, guaranteeing a service that is always outstanding.

While several transportation methods are available, Car Australia’s transfer service provides the most straightforward, convenient, and superior choice for those looking to stick to a budget without compromising on quality. Our high-grade vehicles ensure a tranquil journey, giving you the opportunity to unwind, enjoy the picturesque views or concentrate on business needs in absolute comfort.

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Lennox Head to Brisbane Airport: Travel Times and Getting Around

Commence your trip with Car Australia from Brisbane Airport to Lennox Head, promising a premium travel experience. Our expert drivers and contemporary, quality-assured vehicles provide a smooth journey. The vehicles’ climate control systems offer optimal comfort in varying weather conditions, making it the perfect setting for tending to business responsibilities or simply unwinding.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel Times

Your return trip from Lennox Head to Brisbane Airport is simplified with Car Australia. The approximately 200-kilometre journey typically takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Our door-to-door service, along with skilled drivers and top-class vehicles, assures a relaxed journey back to your flight.

Peak Travel Times

  • Airport to Lennox Head: 2 hours 30 minutes – 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Lennox Head to Airport: 2 hours 30 minutes – 2 hours 45 minutes

Off-Peak Travel Times

  • Airport to Lennox Head: 2 hours – 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Lennox Head to Airport: 2 hours – 2 hours 15 minutes

Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport, Australia’s third-busiest aviation hub, bridges the vibrant city of Brisbane with numerous domestic and international locations. Comprising two key terminals – the Domestic Terminal (T2) and International Terminal (T1) – the airport expertly caters to millions of passengers annually.

T2 offers a wealth of amenities, such as diverse dining and shopping outlets, enhancing domestic travel experiences. In contrast, T1 opens the gateway to international journeys, boasting a range of duty-free stores and relaxing airline lounges.

Adding to its unique appeal, Brisbane Airport houses an expansive outdoor observation deck, granting visitors sweeping views of the airfield and cityscape. Additionally, an onsite hotel provides a respite for those on extended layovers.

As part of Car Australia’s commitment to exceptional service, we offer a meet and greet service at both terminals – domestic passengers are welcomed at the base of the escalators in the arrivals area, while international passengers can find their chauffeur in the arrivals hall. The airport’s well-structured layout also facilitates convenient pick-up and drop-off points, alongside extensive parking options.

Lennox Head

Lennox Head, with its captivating beaches and active local community, is a significant destination for both corporate and leisure travellers. Attractions range from the relaxing Lennox Head Beach to the bustling local markets and eateries, offering the perfect balance of business and pleasure.

Car Australia ensures your transportation in Lennox Head is both efficient and comfortable. Our 24/7 service caters to the unique needs of Lennox Head and its surrounding areas. Booking your ride with us is straightforward – you can use our intuitive website, our user-friendly mobile app, or simply make a phone call.

Car Australia is your trusted partner for all your transportation needs in Lennox Head. Our timely, efficient, and cost-effective service guarantees a travel experience that harmonises with the relaxed yet sophisticated charm that Lennox Head provides. Whether you’re a solo traveller or part of a larger corporate or family group, our personalised service ensures that you can successfully combine business with the pleasure of exploring this picturesque coastal village. Conclude your day by soaking in the captivating views of Lennox Head Beach or enjoy a meal at one of the many local eateries. Travel with style and efficiency with Car Australia, making the most of your visit to Lennox Head.