Begin a professional and comfortable journey from Brisbane Airport, located amidst the vibrant northern suburbs of Brisbane, to the sophisticated coastal town of Kingscliff in New South Wales with Car Australia. Situated around 120 kilometres south of Brisbane Airport, Kingscliff strikes a perfect balance between seaside tranquillity and bustling urban infrastructure, making it a prime destination for discerning corporate and leisure travellers alike.

Whether you’re a business traveller seeking a professional, executive-grade transfer, or a leisure traveller in search of dependable, pre-booked transportation, Car Australia is a budget-friendly solution tailored to suit your needs. We offer a versatile range of transport options from Brisbane Airport to Kingscliff, featuring high-end sedans, spacious SUVs, and comfortable minibuses. Our diverse fleet is adept at accommodating the requirements of both solo travellers and larger groups, always ready to deliver outstanding service.

While other transportation methods exist, a Car Australia transfer presents the most direct, convenient, and executive solution. Our high-standard, well-equipped vehicles assure a relaxing journey, enabling you to sit back, enjoy the scenic views or focus on your business tasks in comfort.

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Premium Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.


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Kingscliff to Brisbane Airport: Travel Times and Getting Around

Start your journey with Car Australia from Brisbane Airport to Kingscliff, guaranteeing a premium travel experience. Our experienced drivers and modern, quality-assured vehicles ensure a seamless journey. The vehicles’ climate control systems provide the utmost comfort in any weather conditions, creating an ideal environment for business-related tasks or relaxation.

Pick Up and Other Information

Journey Travel Times

Returning from Kingscliff to Brisbane Airport is a breeze with Car Australia. The approximately 120 kilometre journey usually takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Our door-to-door service, coupled with professional chauffeurs and superior vehicles, ensures a stress-free ride back to your flight.

Peak Travel Times

  • Airport to Kingscliff – 1 hour 40 minutes – 2 hours
  • Kingscliff to Airport – 1 hour 40 minutes – 2 hours

Off-Peak Travel Times

  • Airport to Kingscliff – 1 hour 20 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Kingscliff to Airport – 1 hour 20 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes

Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport serves as a significant connection point between Brisbane’s energetic cityscape and numerous domestic and international destinations. It ranks as Australia’s third busiest airport, with two major terminals – the International Terminal (T1) and Domestic Terminal (T2) – accommodating millions of travellers each year.

Both T1 and T2 terminals offer an array of duty-free stores, dining spots, and airline lounges, enhancing the travel experience for business passengers. The airport also features an expansive outdoor observation deck, and an onsite hotel providing convenience for travellers with longer layovers.

As part of our commitment to a superior and personalised travel experience, Car Australia offers a meet-and-greet service at Brisbane Airport. Domestic passengers are greeted at the base of the escalators in the arrivals area, while international passengers are met in the arrivals hall.

Exploring Kingscliff

Kingscliff, with its breathtaking beaches and vibrant local businesses, is a noteworthy destination for our esteemed corporate and leisure travellers. The attractions extend beyond the boardroom, with Kingscliff Beach, Kingscliff War Memorial, and numerous high-end dining options for well-deserved downtime.

Car Australia ensures your transportation in Kingscliff is efficient and comfortable. Our 24/7 service caters to the requirements of Kingscliff and its surrounding areas. Booking your ride with us is a simple process – use our website, our mobile app, or simply place a call.

Car Australia is your reliable partner for all your transportation needs in Kingscliff. Our timely, efficient, and cost-effective service ensures a travel experience that aligns with the sophistication Kingscliff provides. Be it for individual travellers or larger corporate or family groups, our customised service guarantees you can balance business with the pleasure of exploring this exquisite coastal town. End your day by soaking in the breathtaking views of Kingscliff Beach or dine at one of the many fine dining establishments. Travel in style and efficiency with Car Australia, making the most of your visit to Kingscliff.