Journey: Brisbane Airport to Coolangatta

Located to the northeast of the CBD, Brisbane airport is a little more than a stone’s throw from Coolangatta. But, if you’re travelling from overseas or interstate, Brisbane airport is usually the best option to travel to Coolangatta. So how can you get from Brisbane airport to Coolangatta? There are a range of options available, including trains, buses, and taxis. However, those options are not always the most suitable to get from Brisbane airport to Coolangatta. They can be slow, uncomfortable, or just downright expensive. A Car Australia airport transfer, on the other hand, is fast, affordable, and comfortable. We offer door to door service, with premium and luxury vehicles. The best bit: our prices are on par with most alternatives.

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Brisbane airport to Coolangatta transfers: travel times, pick up, and drop off

Travel normally begins with painstaking organisation. Booking tickets, hotels, reservations, and appointments can be tiring, especially when the information you need isn’t readily available. To make the rest of your planning easier, here are some of the useful insights we can offer on your trip from Brisbane airport to Coolanga

Pick Up and Other Information

Coolangatta to Brisbane airport: how long does it take in both directions?

On average, you can expect your trip from Brisbane airport to Coolangatta to take about one hour and 40 minutes. Your trip will take you more or less directly down the Pacific Motorway, so it’s about as direct as you can get. However, when the traffic is congested, it may take a little longer. Under such conditions, the trip from Brisbane airport can take around 110 minutes. On the other hand, you might be looking at a trip of just one hour and 20 minutes, if there’s not much traffic on the road. Our advice: try and book your flights so that they land and depart outside of peak hour.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Brisbane Airport to Coolangatta – 110 minutes
  • Coolangatta to Brisbane Airport – 110 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Brisbane Airport to Coolangatta – 80 minutes
  • Coolangatta to Brisbane Airport – 80 minutes

Brisbane airport: meeting your transfer to Coolangatta is as easy as stepping outside

If you’ve not been to Brisbane airport recently, or at all, you may be wondering where you’ll meet your Coolangatta transfer. Allow us to fill you in! Brisbane airport is comprised of two terminals: domestic, and international. The domestic terminal is serviced by a joined departures and arrivals road. That road is directly in front of the domestic terminal; step outside and you’ll see it immediately! The international terminal has two levels: a departures level, and an arrivals level. To meet your transfer, simply go out the arrivals hall, and exit the terminal. There, you will see the arrivals road, where your transfer will be waiting.

Coolangatta: make the most of your holiday with door to door transport from Car Australia

Located on Queensland’s iconic Gold Coast, Coolangatta is one of the southernmost towns in Queensland. Its neighbouring town is Tweed Heads, which sits just across the idyllic Tweed River. From there, a substantial fishing fleet operates, and supports much of the area’s economy. Coolangatta is as beautiful a suburb as you’re likely to find anywhere, and with Car Australia, it’s more accessible than ever. If you want to see the most of Coolangatta, simply arrange drop off and pick up points with Car Australiain advance. We will come and collect you from anywhere in Coolangatta, and take you to a destination of your choosing.