Located some distance north of the city, Bribie Island is connected to the mainland by an iconic bridge. Getting there from Brisbane airport is a straightforward exercise for that reason. It’s simply a matter of heading north, along the Bruce Highway. When you arrive at Brisbane airport, there are plenty of options to get to Bribie Island. There’s public transport in the form of buses and trains. Or alternatively, there are taxis – just to name a few.

But they all have their drawbacks. Public transport can be time-consuming, especially over the longer distance to Bribie Island from Brisbane airport. Taxis, on the other hand, can be a bit too expensive. Their metres just keep running the whole time! Luckily, Car Australia offers direct transfer from Brisbane airport to Bribie Island. At any time of the day or night, we can get you there for a fixed price!

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Travel guide: Here’s what to expect from your Brisbane airport to Bribie Island transfer

If you’ve not been to Bribie Island before, there are a few things you should know before your trip. So take a look at our Bribie Island travel tips. With these tips, you’ll be able to streamline your trip to Bribie Island, and back to Brisbane airport again.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times from Bribie Island to Brisbane airport – and vice versa!

First, let’s come to terms with travel times. It’s important to know how long your trip takes, so you can arrange bookings, reservations, and appointments. For the most part, driving from Brisbane airport to Bribie Island only takes 100 minutes or so. However, you have to be aware of traffic. If you arrive in the early morning or late afternoon, peak hour traffic is something to consider.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Bribie Island – 100 minutes
  • Bribie Island to airport – 110 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Bribie Island – 100 minutes
  • Bribie Island to airport – 90 minutes

Before you get to your Bribie Island transfer, there’s plenty to enjoy in Brisbane airport itself

If you’re a leisurely traveller, or you’ve found yourself with some time to kill, Brisbane airport is a good place to be. There’s plenty in the way of dining facilities, not to mention duty free shopping! If you’d like to venture a little further, you can travel to the nearby Skygate precinct. There, you’ll find everything from dining and accommodation, to a factory outlet shopping centre!

Here’s what to do and see in Bribie Island – it’s easy thanks to Car Australia’s Brisbane airport transfers!

Bribie Island is one of Brisbane’s lesser-known treasures, but it’s a treasure nonetheless. Bribie Island is mostly a national park. However, it has some urbanised suburbs, which offer everything you could need. There’s Bongaree and Banksia Beach, which are attractions in their own right.

But by far the biggest appeal of Bribie Island is its beaches. From the calm western beaches to the blue eastern surf, Bribie Island’s beaches are a sight to behold. So why not see them from the comfort of a luxury vehicle? With Car Australia, you can not only get to Bribie Island from Brisbane airport, but you can also get around the island. We offer complete chauffeured services, and we can collect you from anywhere on the island.