Brisbane Airport, located in the northeastern part of Brisbane, is your starting point for a delightful trip to the vibrant town of Beenleigh, situated approximately 50 kilometres away. Renowned for its rich history and as a hub of local industries, Beenleigh is a unique blend of heritage and innovation.

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Choose our punctual and reliable door-to-door service for your journey. You’ll travel in the comfort and practicality of our modern fleet, reaching your destination on time. Make your trip to Beenleigh stress-free with Car Australia, where we provide an efficient journey, leaving you to relax and look forward to your stay in Beenleigh.

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Beenleigh to Brisbane Airport: Travel Times and Getting Around

With Car Australia, reaching Beenleigh from Brisbane Airport is a smooth and convenient process. Our drivers, experienced and knowledgeable about local areas, ensure a seamless journey across the approximately 50-kilometre stretch. We operate a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient vehicles, demonstrating our commitment to both quality service and environmental responsibility. For more helpful tips on navigating your journey, check out our guide below. With Car Australia, you’re assured of an efficient and eco-friendly trip to Beenleigh.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel Times

Journeying from Beenleigh to Brisbane Airport with Car Australia is both time-efficient and budget-friendly. The trip takes around 35 to 45 minutes in light traffic and can extend up to an hour during peak times. Our dependable door-to-door service provides you with the utmost convenience on this journey. Opt for our executive chauffeur service to ensure timely arrival at your flight while experiencing the comfort of our modern, fuel-efficient fleet. Travel with Car Australia for a worry-free, efficient, and comfortable ride back to Brisbane Airport.

Peak Travel Times

  • Airport to Beenleigh – 45 – 60 minutes
  • Beenleigh to Airport – 40 – 60 minutes

Off-Peak Travel Times

  • Airport to Beenleigh – 35 – 45 minutes
  • Beenleigh to Airport – 30 – 40 minutes

Navigating Brisbane Airport

Welcome to Brisbane Airport, the bustling hub that connects the Sunshine State to destinations across Australia and around the world. Each year, millions of passengers pass through its two terminals – the International Terminal (T1) and the Domestic Terminal (T2). For first-time visitors, it may seem like a complex maze, but the well-structured and sign-posted layout of Brisbane Airport makes navigation straightforward and easy.

As you arrive, you’ll notice the variety of facilities available to cater to your needs. Whether you want to grab a quick bite at a cafe, unwind in an airline lounge, shop for travel essentials, or utilise services such as free Wi-Fi, currency exchange counters, and pharmacies – Brisbane Airport offers all this and more.

If you’re travelling with Car Australia, we further enhance your experience with our meet and greet service. Our drivers meet domestic passengers at the bottom of the escalators in the arrivals area between their corresponding baggage carousel and check-in, while international passengers are greeted in the arrivals hall. Also, Brisbane Airport ensures convenience for every traveller with its array of parking options and dedicated zones for pick-up and drop-off close to the terminals.

In choosing Car Australia for your travel needs, you opt for an efficient, budget-friendly, and enjoyable journey from Brisbane Airport.


The thriving town of Beenleigh, set between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is a perfect blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Known for its lively community spirit and historical significance, Beenleigh has much to offer, from charming local shops to beautiful parks. Whether you’re starting your day or finishing a night out, Beenleigh is a destination that always welcomes you.

At Car Australia, we provide reliable, round-the-clock service across Beenleigh and its surrounding areas. We’re here to take the stress out of your travels, whether you need a ride to Brisbane Airport or a pick-up after a long flight. Our booking process is straightforward – simply visit our website, use our mobile app, or give us a call to schedule your ride.