Australia Zoo is an Australian icon that everyone should visit at least once. But for most, getting there means a trip through Brisbane airport. So how do you get from Brisbane airport to Australia Zoo? You could choose one of the several public transport options available. But they aren’t the quickest option, and for families, it’s not always the best value for money. You could choose a taxi, but with a metered approach to pricing, you never know just how much it will cost. Or, you could choose a transfer from Brisbane airport to Australia Zoo with Car Australia. Car Australia offers direct transfers, twenty-four hours a day.

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Here are some tips to get you from Brisbane airport to Australia Zoo as quickly as possible

Want to get to Australia Zoo in time for the first crocodile show? Here’s what you need to know about your trip.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times: This is how long it takes to get from Australia Zoo to Brisbane airport and vice versa!

Australia Zoo is located 74km north of the Brisbane CBD. However, getting there with a Car Australia transfer is quick. On average, it takes just 60-70 minutes from Brisbane airport to Australia Zoo. However, it’s important to factor adverse traffic conditions into that equation.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Australia Zoo – 60 minutes
  • Australia Zoo to airport – 85 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Australia Zoo – 65 minutes
  • Australia Zoo to airport – 60 minutes

Brisbane airport: Before you get your transfer to Australia Zoo, relax and enjoy the facilities

Of course, if you’re a very relaxed traveller you can take some time to enjoy Brisbane airport’s facilities. Those facilities include free Wi-Fi, dining, shopping, and the nearby Skygate complex. Skygate is serviced by the free TBus service, so getting there is easy. If you’d prefer to hit the road straight away, simply head out of the terminal and walk to the collection area. In the domestic terminal, the pick-up and drop off area is amalgamated along the arrivals/departures road. In the international terminal, the arrivals road is located on level 2, so that’s where you can meet your waiting transfer. The departures road is along level 4, so that’s where you can be dropped off at the end of your trip from Australia Zoo to Brisbane airport.

See why Australia Zoo is a premier destination from Brisbane airport

Australia Zoo was founded in 1970 by the internationally recognised Irwin family. It was run by the late Steve Irwin, who is known across the world as the crocodile hunter. The Irwin family continue to advocate strongly for environmental conservation and have contributed a great deal to the cause over almost half a century. At Australia Zoo, you can see their work first hand, as well as a world-leading exhibit of native and exotic animals. Australia Zoo is one of the Q150 icons, which means that it is truly representative of Queensland. With a Car Australia transfer, getting there will be easy – and you can explore the surrounding Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay area while you’re at it!