Journey: Brisbane Airport To Ipswich

If you’re familiar with Brisbane, chances are you’re familiar with Ipswich too. The two cities are closely linked, and proximate to each other. However, getting between them is not always the easiest task without reliable transport. So if you’re arriving at Brisbane airport, and need to get to Ipswich, what are your options? There are taxis and hire cars, but they are often quite expensive. Then there is public transport; trains and buses are an option, but they take a while. Then there’s the optimum option: a transfer from Car Australia. At Car Australia, we think everyone deserves affordable, comfortable, and quick transport. So that’s exactly what we offer. Our transfers from Brisbane airport to Ipswich are direct, and priced on par with most alternatives. They’re also luxurious, with a range of luxury and premium vehicles for you to choose from. With Car Australia, you get the best in comfort and convenience.

More vehicle types available from our partner Hughes:

Premium Sedan

Big on style and performance, we have some of the world’s truly great sedans including BMW, Mercedes and Audi luxury models.


Luxury finally meets size. Come and experience our market-leading large coach service. Fantastic coach drivers perfectly match our new fleet of coaches.

Car Australia transfers to Brisbane airport from Ipswich are the quickest and most comfortable option: here’s why

There are lots of reasons to travel from Brisbane airport to Ipswich. But before you do, planning is key. Whether you’re travelling for work, or just a holiday, knowing your journey is important. To help you with that, we’ve got a few handy tips on what you’re in for.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times – we offer better travel times to Ipswich from Brisbane airport

Ipswich is about an hour away from Brisbane airport, but it doesn’t feel like it! And when you make the trip in a luxury vehicle, it feels even quicker still! When the roads are quiet and there are no obstacles along the way, getting from Ipswich to Brisbane airport, and vice versa, can take only 50 minutes. Even when the traffic is heavy, the delays aren’t all that big. Generally, during peak hour, getting from Brisbane airport to Ipswich takes just 70 minutes. Still, it might be worth factoring into your travel plans. Our advice is always to book flights outside of peak travel times, if possible.

Peak Hour Travel Time:

  • Brisbane Airport to Noosa – 70 minutes
  • Noosa to Brisbane Airport – 70 minutes

Off Peak Travel Time:

  • Brisbane Airport to Ipswich – 55 minutes
  • Ipswich to Brisbane Airport – 50 minutes

Convenience – your transfer to Ipswich will be waiting for you in front of Brisbane airport

When you arrive at Brisbane airport, you won’t need to play the waiting game. You can walk out the door, right past the queue at the tax rank, and meet your waiting Car Australia transfer. We collect you from Brisbane airport’s pick/drop off zone. That means you don’t need to lug heavy bags far to find us. It also means you don’t have to face long lines and lengthy waits. Simply collect your bags, and meet us in front of the terminal! If you’re travelling through the international terminal, the same applies. The only difference is that arrivals in the international terminal are collected from the level 2 arrivals road. Departures, on the other hand, are dropped off on the level 4 departures road.

Comfort – we don’t just take you from Brisbane airport to Ipswich, we go anywhere in between!

One of the main drawbacks of public transport is its indirectness. Sure, it can take you to the general area you want to visit. But, unlike Car Australia transfers, it just doesn’t make that final distance. With a Car Australia transfer, it’s quite the opposite. Our service approach is door to door; we will collect you from a point of your choosing, and take you to the doorstep of your destination. In Ipswich, that can be anywhere from a friend’s house, to the Ipswich Festival!