Brisbane airport lies just to the north of the CBD, by about 14km. It’s close to numerous motorways, and it’s an easy destination to reach. Getting from Brisbane airport to any other location is easy too. There are trains, buses, taxis, and several other methods of transport available from Brisbane airport every day. However, of all those transport options, Car Australia transfers are a standout.

With a fleet of premium and luxury vehicles, we are able to guarantee comfort. And with our professional chauffeurs, we are able to guarantee the best in service. All of our transfers from Brisbane airport to Caboolture are door to door. That means you get the advantage of direct transport; there’s no stopping, as there is on most alternatives. There’s also no queuing at the taxi rank, or waiting for the train. We will arrive at Brisbane airport on time, every time, to collect you.

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Planning your trip from Brisbane airport to Caboolture

There are plenty of reasons you might have for travelling to Caboolture. You might be travelling there to meet the family, attend to business obligations, or even enjoy a relaxing holiday. Whatever the reason, though, you need to be able to plan. To help you make suitable arrangements, we’ve put together a list of travel times, and tips for your trip to Caboolture.

Pick Up and Other Information

How long does it take to drive from Brisbane airport to Caboolture?

First, let’s take a look at travel times. Caboolture is in the Moreton Bay region, which places it about 50-60 minutes away from Brisbane airport. Of course, those periods of time are highly dependent on traffic conditions.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Caboolture – 45 minutes
  • Caboolture to airport – 60 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Caboolture – 50 minutes
  • Caboolture to airport – 40 minutes

How can you find your way to your Caboolture transfer at Brisbane airport?

Brisbane airport is widely acclaimed for its efficiency. The signage is good, the foot-traffic is well managed, and the road traffic is perfect served by the roads in the airport precinct. So if you’re flying domestic and you need to meet your transfer to Caboolture, just head to the arrivals/departures road. It’s directly in front of the domestic terminal, and it’s home to an expansive kerbside collection space. There are shaded areas, and seated areas too. If you’re travelling internationally, the set up is spread across two levels. On the upper level – level 4 – there is a departures road. That’s where your transfer will drop you off after you’ve left Caboolture. On the lower level – level 2 – there is an arrivals road. That’s where you can find your Brisbane airport to Caboolture transfer!

When you get to Caboolture from Brisbane airport, how will you get around?

If you haven’t been to Caboolture before, you may be surprised by its size. Despite being so close to Brisbane, Caboolture has very much forged its own identity, with a substantial population to match! Caboolture services much of the Moreton Bay population, and as a result, it has a thriving commercial district. It also hosts a campus of the University of Southern Queensland, if that gives you some indication of its size. To help you navigate Caboolture, we offer door to door service. That means we will pick you up from anywhere in Caboolture – simply let us know.