Burleigh Heads holds a special place in the hearts of leisure lovers, surfers, and holidaymakers alike. Luckily, it’s now more accessible than ever! When you arrive at Brisbane airport for your Burleigh Heads holiday, there’s no shortage of transport options. There are buses, trains, and even taxis at your disposal. But for a longer trip, such as Brisbane to Burleigh Heads, those options aren’t ideal. Trains can be confusing, with lots of transfers involved. Buses can be slow, with frequent stops. And taxis can be quite expensive, with their metred charging system.

So where does that leave you? With a direct, door to door airport transfer from Car Australia! Car Australia offers around the clock private transfers from Brisbane airport to Burleigh Heads. It’s quick, comfortable, and the value for money is second to none.

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Burleigh Heads to Brisbane airport and back: Here’s what the trip looks like

Before you leave for your Burleigh Heads getaway, you’re probably wondering what your schedule will look like. After all, you’ve probably got bookings to make, and reservations to meet. To help you with that, we’ve put together a quick itinerary for you, based on our experiences.

Pick Up and Other Information

Travel times: The Pacific Motorway is the quickest route from Brisbane airport to Burleigh Heads

Getting from Brisbane airport to Burleigh Heads invariably means a trip on the Pacific Motorway. This is a direct motorway, with high-speed limits, and as many as eight lanes. Needless to say, the trip doesn’t take long! Normally, getting from Brisbane airport to Burleigh Heads only takes 100 minutes or so. However, you’ll need to account for traffic if you’re leaving during peak hour.

Peak Hour Travel Times:

  • Airport to Burleigh Heads – 80 minutes
  • Burleigh Heads to airport – 90 minutes

Off Peak Travel Times:

  • Airport to Burleigh Heads – 75 minutes
  • Burleigh Heads to airport – 70 minutes

Brisbane airport: Getting around before you find your Burleigh Heads transfer

Brisbane airport is widely known as one of Australia’s most efficient. It offers a wide variety of services, too. Those services include free wi-fi, restaurants, bars, and the nearby Skygate precinct. But by far the most popular feature of Brisbane airport is its efficiency. Both terminals are serviced by ample kerbside pick and drop off spaces. In the domestic terminal, those roads are joined and directly adjacent to the terminal for easy access.

In the international terminal, you can find the pick-up area on the level 2 arrivals road. The drop off area is also easily accessible, on the level 4 departures road. Thanks to this system, your exit from Brisbane airport will be swift and easy. Getting to your Burleigh Heads airport transfer will be a stress-free endeavour!

Enjoy all of Burleigh Heads with Car Australia’s chauffeur services

The Gold Coast is well known as one of the best coastal destinations in Australia. But Burleigh Heads has long held a reputation as one of the best coastal destinations on the Gold Coast! It’s surfing, swimming, and body boarding is absolutely top shelf. With inviting water all year around, it’s no wonder that traveller flock to Burleigh Heads from Brisbane airport every week. With so much to see in Burleigh Heads, reliable transport is a must. And that’s exactly what you get with Car Australia’s door to door service, all throughout Burleigh Heads.