5 July, 2019

Awesome birthday celebrations start off with exciting ideas. What could be more exciting than celebrating your special day with loved ones in a luxury chauffeur-driven limo? With great planning and organisation, party limo hire can be one of the best decisions you make for your event.

Limousine hire can be spectacular fun, especially if you ask a group of friends or family to come along for the ride. To turn your birthday into an extravagant celebration, find out the benefits of limo hire for birthday parties and ideas to make your event extra special.

Benefits of Limo Hire For Birthday Parties

1 Memorable

A birthday or party limo adds an unexpected twist to the traditional birthday event. Hopping into a limo adds extra spontaneity and fun, with the ride itself feeling like an exclusive party. This stylish transportation will make you and your guests feel like A-list celebrities as you indulge in champagne, relax and arrive at your destination in luxurious comfort.

2 Convenient

A chauffeured limousine means not worrying about the stresses of driving, like navigating unfamiliar places, finding a parking spot or worrying about traffic. You can simply let the party roll all night. Unlike public transportation, you avoid the need to walk a long distance.

3 Affordable

Hiring a limousine for a few hours or even a whole day is surprisingly affordable. You may find that by splitting the cost between everyone riding, there’s no cheaper or impressive way to travel in style and absolute luxury.

Fun Things To Do With Party Limo Hire

If you’re looking for a few ideas for things to do with a birthday limousine, here are five ideas to make your luxurious birthday party on wheels fun and memorable:

1 Create An All-Day Birthday Affair

Why not treat yourself and your best friends to a day of fun and pampering with an all-day birthday party in a limousine? Organise for a number of friends to be picked up and dropped off at their homes in the limo and arrange for multiple fun stops throughout the day to create a diverse birthday experience. Here are some ideas for places to fill your day:

  • A high-end cafe or restaurant
  • A spa experience with facials and massages
  • A sporting event
  • A nightclub
  • A bar or beer garden
  • A concert, musical or play
  • A museum or art gallery
  • A skydiving experience
  • A boutique hotel
  • A vineyard getaway
  • The beach
  • An escape room
  • A private room at a karaoke bar

2 Go Sightseeing

Sightseeing in a limo can be an extremely fun and relaxing experience — and the perfect way to spend your birthday if you love to unwind with travel. Often, caught up in our busy lives, we forget to appreciate the beauty and special places near where we live. Taking a trip to explore our own city or region as a tourist can help us appreciate our surroundings more.

There are many advantages to hiring a chauffeur to drive you. After all, having a professional who knows where they are going is much better than needing to rely on a GPS or map. With a chauffeur, there’s no need to make sure you haven’t missed your turn or ask for directions. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

3 Embrace An Old Hollywood Theme

Do you or your loved one enjoy old Hollywood movies or getting all dressed up in vintage era fashion? Create an old Hollywood theme and invite guests to attend in vintage costumes from the 1920s or 1930s. After picking them up from home in a limo, take your guests to a salon for vintage hair styling and makeup. For even more impact, hire several photographs to act as paparazzi. Head over to a jazz or speakeasy for a glamorous retro-themed evening.

4 Soak Up The Nightlife

If you’re catering to guests in their twenties, why not invite your loved ones on a nightlife adventure, stopping by favourite bars, nightclubs and restaurants? Amp up the thrill and excitement with a fancy limo ride, enjoy champagne in the limo and enjoy the red carpet treatment everywhere you go.

5 Get Creative With Party Hire Limo For Kids

If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, a limo is an easy way to organise a fun event. A limo showing up to a kid’s party is sure to get guests excited. Ask your chauffeur to pick up guests at the birthday child’s home and decorate the limo’s interior with bright balloons or streamers to create a kid-friendly atmosphere.

Take guests on a thrilling adventure to:

  • A favourite local playground for a picnic
  • A favourite theme park
  • A miniature golf course
  • A trampoline park
  • A zoo or aquarium
  • A farm with farm animals
  • A baking school for kids
  • Laser skirmish
  • An arcade or virtual reality arcade
  • A go-karting racecourse
  • A swimming lagoon
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Bowling
  • A skating rink or ice skating rink

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Whether you’re having an epic birthday celebration or a small scale birthday party with close friends, our team is here to provide you with the very best service so you can enjoy and cherish each moment to the fullest.

To kick back, relax and enjoy your birthday in the luxury of our limousines, get in touch today on 1300 661 119.