30 November, 2016

Whether you have a personal assistant helping to coordinate your business travel arrangements or you are organising the event yourself, it pays to plan ahead. Just like a to-do list, you’ll appreciate how much a trip with an itinerary and forward planning helps to reduce stress and allows a business meeting to go ahead with greater success.

As with all events, regardless of their size, there are always plenty of details to consider, reservations to make and schedules to coordinate. Organising your business travel effectively is easy when you know how.

Creating a business travel checklist

It need not be anything formal; however, if travel is a common occurrence for you, it pays to create a straightforward planning document, or checklist, so that you never forget even the smallest of details. Tight timeframes and much to think about can leave you in all sorts of predicaments if you make a mistake, or forget an important element.

Any good business travel itinerary needs to include everything from a weather report for the day, contact names, phone numbers and travel requirements, as well as details about the event itself. The key is to think chronologically. Consider the order of the day from the transportation needed, to meetings you are to hold or partake in, meals to share and even presentations to coordinate.

Documenting every detail, in order, ensures you can strategically tick things off and know exactly where you are scheduled to be at any point during the day. More organisation and less fluster.

Transportation—planning ahead

It goes without saying that the organisation of reliable and efficient transportation is essential to the success of all business dealings when travel is on the cards. Whether your client meeting is across town or you are scheduled to present at a number of locations throughout the day, allowing yourself sufficient time to get to and from each office is so important. That’s where Car Australia will help you.

Avoid navigating traffic jams at rush hour or trying to hail a taxi when all you really want is to have a few extra moments of quiet time to read over your presentation notes, review a proposal or refresh yourself with the guest list. Minimise disruptions to events where half of your team is in one car and the other half is caught up having made the wrong turn. Nothing says efficient and cost-effective business travel more than a chauffeured vehicle.

Benefits of hiring a driver

Travel arrangements are organised accurately and efficiently when you leave the transportation to a team that manages it for a living.

  • Cost-effective: Don’t overlook a hire car thinking it’s only for top-end executives or those with money to burn. A chauffeur-driven car is actually much more affordable than you may have realised and, more importantly, will leave you with one less thing to worry about.
  • Individual or group travel: Whether you are travelling alone, with your personal assistant or in a group, there are plenty of vehicle options on offer ensuring you’ll all arrive on time, together and in the perfect, relaxed frame of mind to conduct your all-important business.

Contact Car Australia to discuss your business travel requirements and let the team advise you on what’s most suitable for your needs. Knowing you have a professional team on your side to get you safely to and from your business meetings is priceless. When you are looking for solutions on how to organise business travel for your colleagues and your organisation, know that arming yourself with a pre-planned travel itinerary, and a pre-booked chauffeur car, means you’ll be ready to go.

With a chauffeur driven sedan from Car Australia you are always guaranteed an excellent standard of service and quality which is not the case with taxis or other ride sharing options available to you. Contact Car Australia on 1300 661 119 to book your private chauffeured vehicle today.