2 December, 2014

There are many ways businesses can save some serious money when it comes to their corporate travel accounts. These savings can allow more of the team to travel for business, but may also reduce costs that business travellers often have to pay for themselves.

If staff in your business regular travel for work, many suppliers can offer negotiated rates on ground transport, accommodation and airfares. This includes Car Australia who serve corporate travellers with airport transfers and other ground travel needs while away for business. There are many other ways where businesses can save significant costs by shopping around and being organised. Here are our top tips.

1.     Ask About Deals for Group Bookings. Discounts can often be negotiated where there are groups of 10 or more travellers – especially when it comes to hotels.

2.     Read the Fine Print. What may seem like a good deal may include ancillary fees, charges and other associated costs. Expensive car hire excess fees may make it better to forgo car hire and use public or chauffeured transport.

3.     Book Flights Early or Last Minute. Try and book flights as early as possible once the dates for the business travel are known. Organise trips as far in advance where possible, and if meetings can be arranged at short notice look for last minute deals as airlines are trying to fill seats.

4.      Combine Business Trips. Kill two birds with one stone, and meet as many contacts or prospective clients on the same trip. Adding another night in the hotel or another leg to the trip is much cheaper than booking a separate trip later in the year. Deals may also be available for extra night accommodation or an itinerary may be able to be routed with a stopover to save extra $$.

5.     Stay outside city centres – Staying outside the CBD of your destination can offer savings compared to full service hotels.

6.     Book Outside of Events – Avoid travelling outside of peak periods including holidays or when big events, shows or conventions are happening. If this is unavoidable, book early.

7.     Use Skype, Viber or Other Free Voice Apps – Beware of getting slugged with international calling and texting fees. Instead download skype, viber or WhatsApp for free mobile messaging and Internet calling wherever you are travelling.

8.     Use Prepaid Travel Money Cards – To save airport currency exchange extortion, prepaid travel cards can allow you to load a pre set amount in an overseas currency and secure an exchange rate and avoid fluctuations. They also have favourable conversion charge if you need to buy something in a different currency, and ATM withdrawal fees are cheaper than using your savings or credit accounts.

Car Australia understands the needs of business travellers and we can coordinate a transport solution for your employees – and with fixed prices can be much more affordable than reimbursing staff for numerous taxi fares.

Whether it’s to and from the airport, to meetings, conventions, or transport for employees and prospective clients – when you land, we take off, getting you where you need to be on time and in style. To find out about corporate ground transport arrangements in capital cities, speak to us today on 1300 661 119.