30 January, 2017

What makes a good chauffeur? It’s about so much more than merely being a good driver. Whether you’ve booked a luxury car for a special occasion or a comfortable car for business travel, you’ll have high expectations of your driver – and rightly so. Read on for the characteristics that make some chauffeurs a cut above the rest!

A high level of local geographical knowledge

Quality chauffeured car drivers are trained to drive in their home city. They arrive at your pick-up with the route from A to B already planned and prepared. Unlike a standard taxi driver, a chauffeur won’t just rely on Google maps to find your hotel! An experienced driver will also have a wealth of knowledge about local amenities, giving you the option to learn more about things to see and do at your destination, if you choose.

In addition to planning their journey, your well-trained driver will access up to the minute traffic reports to ensure you don’t face roadworks or traffic jams on your journey. With top knowledge of their city, they’ll also know lots of handy shortcuts.

Need an airport transfer? Your knowledgeable driver will have no problems negotiating parking, drop-off zones, toll roads or the other complications commonly found in Australia’s airports.

A professional driver will always be reliable and punctual

Heard of a chauffeured car arriving late to a pick-up? Unlikely. Outside of a major emergency, your professional driver will always be on time. In fact, they should arrive at your pick-up destination ahead of time to assist you with luggage or other requirements before making a punctual departure.

In the rare case that your driver is delayed, you should be able to rely on them to communicate effectively and provide you with realistic time frames or alternative transport arrangements. Your holiday or business trip will never suffer if you put your trust in a quality professional driver.

Comfortable, stylish and roomy transport

Chauffeured cars are all about convenience and style. When you want to make a good impression at your next event, arriving in a chauffeured car is a winner! For business travel, the biggest advantage is arriving refreshed and ready to work, rather than frazzled from delayed trains or traffic snarls!

With this in mind, a good chauffer does not necessarily choose an overstretched limo with blacked out windows or a tacky celebrity-style hummer. Professional drivers offer elegant vehicles with premium features suited to the needs of discerning business and leisure travelers.

At Car Australia, for example, your expert chauffeur will arrive in one of the following practical but tasteful vehicles:

  • Executive Sedan
  • Premium European Sedan
  • Luxury SUV
  • Mercedes Viano
  • Luxury Van
  • Large Coach

From a Holden Caprice with ample boot space, to the 7-seater Mercedes Viano or larger people movers, your luxury vehicle should arrive to your pickup in pristine condition.

What makes a good chauffeur is a driver who arrives in a reliable car that is maintained to an impeccable standard.

Manners that make you feel special

A good chauffeur is one who is dedicated to professional, personalised service. Chivalry and good manners are alive and well in the chauffeured car business!

You can expect your car door to be opened for you and your driver to take your luggage. You should not have to walk far from your hotel foyer or airport arrival lounge to your car. Your chauffeur should make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your journey, adjusting music, air conditioning or seatbelts to suit your needs.

You pay a little more for a chauffeured car for a reason! You should expect 5-star treatment and a stress-free journey from A to B.

Clean driving record and safe driving practice

A good chauffeur is also a safe driver, proven by possession of a clean driving record and expert driving know-how in all conditions. Safety is paramount with any hired car service.

It goes without saying that a chauffeur wouldn’t be employed without a full background check and clean driving record, however, safe driving practices are what turn a good driver into an excellent one.

Some road rules are ‘common sense’ but when you compare a chauffeur to other hired car services, it’s the little extra details that make the difference.

A truly experienced and safey-conscious driver:

  • Does not get stressed in bad traffic. This can be difficult for the best of drivers, but a quality chauffeur knows how to manage stress. A professional chauffeur will remain calm and composed even in the worst inner city traffic. That’s his or her job.
  • Does not use a mobile phone while driving. This may seem obvious, but a lot of regular drivers are guilty of using a phone while driving. Never will you see a professional car driver use a mobile phone, no matter what the circumstance, and that’s what makes a good chauffeur.
  • Always abides by traffic laws. You should never see a chauffeur break even a modest traffic rule. Ever.
  • Will respect your privacy, or talk if you want to. After a long and tiresome journey, you may find the thought of making polite chitchat with your driver daunting. Chauffeurs know this, and will not push you into a conversation if you need time to rest, read or check messages. On the other hand, if you want to know more about what’s on offer around town, just ask! Your chauffeur will be happy to share his or her knowledge.

Book your chauffeur with a reliable and affordable car hire company

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to private car hire. What makes a good chauffeur is one who is employed by a reputable company.

Car Australia offers you safe, reliable and affordable chauffeurs for all your airport transfers, corporate travel or leisure transportation needs.

What makes a good chauffeur? One that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, in all major Australian cities. Book your next professional driver online or call 1300 661 119 to reserve your Car Australia chauffeured transport.

What makes a good chauffeur? Professional standards and expert driver knowledge. You’ll find that every time at Car Australia. Book now!