2 March, 2017

Some have described the new Sydney International Convention Centre as the heart of Sydney. But what actually makes it so great? There are many things that contribute to the appeal of the Sydney ICC and chief amongst these are its location, design and diverse nature. Sydney ICC is located just 8km from the airport on Cockle Bay in the internationally acclaimed Darling Harbour. It is a premier destination for all events, from music concerts and exhibitions, to summits and conferences. Extending across 3 blocks, the ICC Sydney has a new-age design, aimed at showcasing the beauty of Sydney.

Upon entering the ICC, visitors are treated to a well-adorned foyer, flooded by natural light. This light enters through a glass façade which also serves to offer great views of the city. Sydney ICC boasts the largest ballroom and exhibition space in Australia. To ensure that attendees are treated to the full experience, the ICC has the largest kitchen in the Southern Hemisphere. ICC Sydney also has well-equipped facilities for conferences and meetings. Revolutionary ‘pods,’ each with individual balconies, offer productive meeting spaces. For more social events, the venue offers an open-air deck. This deck has facilitated some of Sydney’s most coveted parties.

ICC Sydney Events: Overview

Visiting the Sydney ICC is often described as an incredible experience of its own merit. With a modern design like no other, attending any event at the ICC is sure to be remarkable. Due to the prestige of the venue, over four hundred events have already been booked in. Some of these include music concerts, international conferences, summits, exhibitions and even sporting events. For more information, check out their website.

Getting to International Convention Centre Sydney: Transport Options

Much of the Sydney ICC’s appeal lies in its iconic location. The Sydney International Convention Centre is situated in Darling Harbour, just 8km from the airport. Despite its close proximity, however, getting there is not always easy. To help you out, we have provided a list of your various transport options below.

Public Transport To ICC Sydney

Many visitors to Sydney choose to see the city via public transport. Public transport is a fantastic method of sightseeing and this is particularly true in Sydney. Sydney has one of the most varied selections of public transport in Australia – perhaps even the world. Ferries, busses and trains are the staple of commuters and locals alike. These networks span a large majority of the city. This means that your locations and destination are most likely covered by public transport. However, public transport does not collect you from your precise location and also does not drop you at your precise destination. This means that walking is unavoidable. If you have luggage or would prefer not to walk, then you should opt for another mode of transport.

Driving To ICC Sydney

If you have a car or a hire car, then you will probably want to drive to Sydney ICC. In many cases, this is a perfectly viable option. Driving will allow you to get there in comfort and with convenience. However, this is not always the case. Because the ICC is in such an urban location, it is subject to extreme traffic congestion at certain times. If you drive, then you do risk being caught in potentially gridlocked traffic. To make matters worse, you are faced with the difficulty of finding a park upon your arrival. Fortunately, the ICC has enviable parking facilities, although they are not free. Parking in the ICC Sydney carpark can cost you as much as $49 and when coupled with the prospect of bad traffic, this can make driving an unviable option.

Taxis ICC Sydney

Of course, taxis are perhaps the most commonly used mode of transport when it comes to getting to the ICC. Taxis pick you up from your exact location and take you to wherever you want to go. This means that you won’t have to walk far at all. However, taxis are considerably more expensive than public transport. In many cases also, the price is not proportionate to the service. Taxis are also often identified as offering relatively poor service. In fact, issues of hygiene, within the cars, have also been raised in some cases. This does have a tendency to turn some customers off taxi services.

Car Australia Chauffeured Cars To ICC Sydney

Car Australia’s chauffeured cars are the ideal form of transport when it comes to ICC Sydney events. A chauffeured car from Car Australia will pick you up from any destination in Sydney and this includes the airport. From this destination, you can travel in style, comfort and luxury to the Sydney International Convention Centre. Our chauffeurs are leaders in the industry and with their immaculate presence adhere to the many traditions of chauffeur driving. Our drivers have an intricate knowledge of Sydney and its traffic conditions. As a result, they can minimise travel time and ensure that you get to your event on time, every time. With a chauffeured car from Car Australia, you can relax in the knowledge that you will be dropped precisely where you need to be.

Some Interesting Facts About ICC Sydney

  • • The ICC Sydney is a $1.5b development that adjoins the luxury Sofitel. This hotel has 590 luxury rooms on offer.
  • • For social and corporate functions alike, the Sydney ICC has a 5000 square metre open-air deck. This deck has the capacity to facilitate over 11000 people.
  • • The prime location of the Sydney ICC is great for many reasons. Firstly, it is conveniently accessible. Secondly, it is close to the restaurant and retail precinct of Darling Harbour. It is also near to technological, media and financial hubs.
  • • ICC Sydney boasts as much as 350000 square metres of exhibition space.
  • • The Sydney International Convention Centre has as much as 80000 square metres of meeting space. This space is spread over 70 purpose built rooms. These rooms link both the convention areas and the exhibition areas.
  • • ICC Sydney has a red carpet theatre that is suitable for as many as 8000 people.
  • • State of the art convention facilities provide unlimited options for up to 8000 people to enjoy.

(*Image sourced from Travolution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147507627@N08/32619412092/)