30 August, 2016

Whether you are well versed in airline travel or not, business travel is a completely different ball game. Take these tips from the frequent corporate traveller club, so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

1. A corporate traveller knows how to beat jet lag

Jet lag on long distance travel is the pits for a corporate traveller. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill to get your body clock in check, but there are ways to reduce your fatigue.

  • Say no to caffeine and alcohol – It is all too tempting to go for that extra glass of wine with your in-flight meal, but a good corporate traveller knows to say no. Alcohol and caffeine are best avoided because they are both dehydrating and a stimulant, and therefore won’t help you sleep. Turn down that night cap and morning coffee because a well-rested traveller is more likely to beat jet lag.
  • Stay hydrated – Make sure you stay hydrated on your flight by drinking plenty of water. Fluids aren’t often allowed through security check points, but you can take an empty water bottle and ask in-flight staff to fill up your bottle when you board. If you don’t want to take a bottle, just ask for water when you need it.
  • Book a flight to arrive late afternoon – If you arrive at your destination in the morning, it is difficult to stay awake for the entire day to instil a more natural bedtime. A seasoned corporate traveller knows to book a flight that arrives late afternoon. This way, you have the opportunity to stay awake a little while and get outside before going to bed, which helps to regulate your body clock.

2. Corporate travellers book airport transfers in advance

You are exhausted at the end of your flight, and the last thing you want to do is hail a taxi. You don’t want the stress of negotiating queues and prices when you are tired, so avoid the taxi rank and book an airport transfer instead.

A corporate traveller will pre-book airport transfers because it is easy and costs are paid for in advance. By organising a car transfer, you also have peace of mind knowing you can get to your accommodation promptly, safely and on-time.

Car Australia will take care of your airport transfer, offering value for money for the corporate traveller. Organise your airport transfer booking here.

3. Frequent travellers use the same airlines and hotels for loyalty incentives

Everyone loves to collect loyalty points because it means free travel down the track. A corporate traveller can easily clock up loyalty points by using the same airline and by booking into the same hotel regularly.

A savvy business traveller will join frequent flyer clubs and hotel reward programs to redeem points and claim rewards for personal travel. Another perk of joining a frequent flyer scheme can be potential flight upgrades and access to VIP airline lounges. This is great for a touch of luxury, but may also give you quiet space or Wi-Fi access to get some extra work done while you travel. Find out which airlines offer the best rewards and which hotel at your destination offers a loyalty program.

4. A savvy corporate traveller knows when the best flights are to avoid delays

Flight delays aren’t completely unavoidable, but there are ways to reduce the possibility. A frequent corporate traveller is aware of the times and days of the week that are more prone to flight delays and will organise their bookings accordingly.

  • Midweek – Flights in the middle of the week tend to be quieter because personal travel is booked closer to the weekend. Fridays, in particular, have the highest chance of a delayed flight and should be avoided if possible. The majority of airports will have less traffic on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and less flight traffic will mean a reduced possibility of getting delayed.
  • Early morning – Corporate travellers often choose flights early in the morning. This allows you to make the most of your working day, but it’s also a time when the backlog has yet to build up, which means less chance of a delay. If any of the first few flights of the day are held-up, you see a domino effect with subsequent flights. Of course, you need to balance this out with choosing a suitable arrival time.

5. A smart corporate traveller won’t pack the kitchen sink

Pack light and pack well. Considering most business travel is not for a lengthy time-frame, you don’t need to take a lot with you. Business travellers also often move between major centres, which means well-equipped hotels and easy access to shops nearby.

The way you pack your luggage will also ease your journey. You will often see a savvy corporate traveller with a simple shoulder bag or wheelie case, which is easy to transport around the airport and may even fit into the overhead lockers.

If you are travelling to an even that requires smart clothing, carry your suit in a zip-up garment carrier. Check in advance, but many of the major airlines will take care of your suit carrier when you board the flight – particularly if you’re in Business Class. In-flight staff will take your suit carrier from you, mark it with your seat number, and hang it in a safe and secure part of the aeroplane. If time is an issue, you have the choice of changing into your suit before you land, so you are ready for your business meeting on arrival.

If you stay at the same accommodation on a regular basis, you might also want to consider asking if you can leave a small bag with your essentials at the hotel for your next visit. Leave chargers, toiletries or a spare suit in the hotel security area and save time, space and weight when you travel next.

Create your own happy travel experience

The more experience you get as a corporate traveller, the easier it will become. You will soon learn all the tricks of the trade and be able to pass them onto new people in your team! Blend our top tips with your own life hacks to create an easier and more successful corporate traveller experience.

Our number one hack for the corporate traveller? Book your airport transfer in advance. Save time and money by booking online or calling the team at Car Australia today on 1300 661 119.