24 July, 2017

Times are a changing. Doing well in business isn’t so much about bricks and mortar anymore. It’s about being nimble: being able to respond responding quickly and decisively to what your clients or customers want. To do that you must cultivate the right kind of workplace culture: one that’s open to innovative ideas, new technology and different ways of working.

Being nimble means thinking outside the square when it comes to where and how you work. A corporate road trip’s exactly what you need to refresh, motivate and inspire your team and get their creative juices flowing. Here’s why Car Australia has the right set of wheels to make your corporate outing a standout success – no matter where your plans take you.

Pinning down the purpose of your corporate outing

If you’re hitting the road for business, it helps to have a clear picture of what you hope your corporate outing will achieve. It could be for an afternoon or weekend of team-building activities, a retreat, a work conference, or simply a shuttle service to the airport for something even bigger. Different types of corporate outings call for different arrangements when it comes to transportation.

Here are some things to consider before deciding on the type of car best-suited to your outing.

Crunching the numbers

Your first consideration in planning a corporate outing is the number of people you’re planning to take with you. Secondary to that is the configuration you think will work best. For example, you might want to utilise a big people mover for the majority and smaller, more intimate vehicles for your executives.

Car Australia offers a wide range of impressive vehicles, from sedans seating up to 4 to people-movers that seat up to 6 people. Our partner company Hughes also offer coaches and minibuses seating up to 50 people in . Choose one or a combination. Nothing makes more of an impression than a carefully orchestrated arrival of a convoy of vehicles at a destination.

What you’ll be doing en route to your destination

This is particularly important if it’s envisaged some of your people will be utilising the travel time for work. They may intend to work on a laptop or tablet or use the time to talk on the phone or to each other. If the journey’s every bit as important as the destination, you need to consider how best to accommodate everyone’s needs, allowing them to work in comfort and without interruption.

Distance and the route to be taken

Two more factors that should play heavily into your choice of vehicles are the distance that you plan to travel and the proposed route. If you’re planning your corporate outing to a location several hours away, you need to prioritise leg room and comfort. You also need to consider the type of vehicle you’re going to be using if your corporate outing will take you along a winding or ascending and descending route. It’s estimated that up to 80% of the general population will suffer from motion sickness at some point in their lives, so a vehicle that’s adequately ventilated and designed to minimise motion is a must for long or difficult journeys.

Once you’re there…

Don’t just think of transportation as what you need to get to and from your destination. You need to also consider whether you’ll have any specific needs once you’re there. For example, you may be in town for a work conference, but do you envisage splitting off into smaller groups to take in the sights in your downtime? If so, consider pre-arranging your vehicles to cater for all of your transportation needs.

The duration of your corporate outing

How long do you plan to go for? The answer to that question has a direct bearing on the number of vehicles you will need to organise. For example, an afternoon out of the office is one thing, but a whole-kit-and-kaboodle corporate weekend away will necessitate several changes of clothing per person as well as toiletries. Some travellers may also need to carry work-related equipment such as computers and stationery.

If your corporate outing is one that will combine work with play, you’ll also need to consider whether the people going will be bringing equipment such as golf clubs or tennis racquets and other sporting equipment, which can also take up a significant amount of space. You’ll need to factor-in not only the number of people but also sufficient luggage space for what you can expect they’ll bring with them.

Why you should choose Car Australia for your next corporate outing

Once you’ve settled on the details of your corporate outing, we can assist you to select the right vehicles and drivers to suit your requirements. As with everything worth having, it’s best to book early to ensure that you secure exactly what you need. We can help you pick the right vehicles for what you’ve got in mind.

Comfort and reliability

All our vehicles are fully air-conditioned and your comfort is our priority. Our vehicles are also subjected to the most rigorous maintenance and detailing regime. You’re guaranteed consistent and exceptional vehicle performance and reliability every time. We also ensure all our vehicles not only meet but exceed state government requirements for roadworthiness and safety.

Exceptional customer service

At Car Australia, we’re fully committed to maintaining excellence in customer care and satisfaction. We deliver great customer service in a measurable way and strive for continuous improvement. That standout customer service starts the second you pick up the phone to book a car and continues with our handpicked chauffeurs. We only employ chauffeurs who are committed to meeting our customer’s every need, big or small.

No matter where your corporate outing will take you, we’ll get you there in comfort and style. Click here to book or call us today on 1300 661 119 and we’ll tailor the perfect transport solution for your needs.