1 October, 2014

Whether you arrive in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast or another Australian city, you can expect the best from your Car Australia Driver. We very carefully select our drivers through a screening process to ensure they meet the high standards that we and our clients expect. Offering premium chauffeur and limousines services, Car Australia are driven to serve, and our drivers also carry out their services under this ethos.  Here’s what you can expect from a Car Australia Driver:


Driving Competence

 While everyone that holds a drivers license automatically believes they are a good driver, we understand that isn’t necessarily the case. This is why we examine driving competence in our screening process, and through checking references. As you would expect, it’s also a must that all the relevant class of licenses are held by our professional drivers including F class licenses and all transmission driving licenses.


 Our drivers understand that sometimes silence is golden – especially for the weary business traveller. They understand the subtle nuances of personal interactions, and always behave professionally. This can mean many things, but generally it’s unobtrusive service, friendly conversation without prying questions, and acting with discretion at all times.

Up-to-Date Local Knowledge

Our drivers are also fantastic tour guides for their cities, with excellent local knowledge of hotels, restaurants, bars and other concierge style services that you may require. This means that for those travelling for leisure your Car Australia driver can also be your personal chauffeur for the day. Their knowledge means they also know the local routes and the best way to directly get to your destination and on time.


Our drivers look the part. Dressed in a clean crisp corporate uniform and white shirt, our drivers take as much pride in their appearance as they do in the presentation of their vehicles.

When it comes to our drivers, at Car Australia you an expect discreet, friendly, and courteous service, helpful local knowledge, safe qualified driving ability and a high level of personal presentation. It’s what we are driven to do. For all enquiries about chauffeur services in Sydney, or other Australian cities contact us today on 1300 661 119