16 December, 2014

Getting teams of employees to a conference can be a logistically complicated and expensive exercise for businesses. Fortunately there is a solution that many businesses may not have considered – and this solution is Car Australia.

Operating across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast, Car Australia can provide corporate cars for conferences or even coaches carrying up to 60 people, and smaller people movers. You may ask how this is a better solution to public transport, taxis, or carpooling. There are several reasons:

1.     Guaranteed Arrival and Departure Time

Getting to a conference time is essential, and with Car Australia you can take the guesswork out of public transport timetables, or the chance of taxis not going the most direct route or being delayed. Pre-booking transport ahead of time for such an important event makes a lot of sense – especially when arriving via an airport. Don’t risk taxi queues and sorting out the transport ahead of time will ensure everyone gets to the venue on-time and unflustered.

2.     Everyone can arrive together

With larger groups, Car Australia can ensure that the whole team can arrive together, register at the event, and then be seated. Whether it’s 5, 10, 20 or 60 people, we can coordinate different transport options to suit. This also means that no one has to draw the short straw of carpooling in their private car and everyone can arrive in the one group. Arriving and departing in this way also looks a lot more professional, and at industry conferences, making a good impression matters.

3.     No parking costs

If the conference is in the same city as your business, it might be tempting to advise employees to make their own way to and from the event. However it’s likely staff will appreciate being able to arrive all together without trying to navigate choked streets during peak hour. The fact that they’ll be able to make their own way to work and go as part of the one team helps will encourage more of the team to attend, shared experience and shields from exorbitant parking rates at the convention or conference centre. A Car Australia corporate transport option will also mean you can leave on time at the end of the day and not be held up trying to compete with hundreds of other people to get a taxi at the same time.

4. No one has to be designated driver

No-one wants the added stress of having to be designated driver and be responsible for parking and driving other colleagues to the event, making it more stressful. Also should there be an accident, the employer would be responsible for compensation since the accident happened during work hours in an employees vehicle. If there are drinks after the conference, pick up can be arranged without worrying about who will drive.

Attending conferences is a great way for businesses to learn about new developments in their industry, gain new business and also for the all-important networking. The best way getting there is too often not considered, but with a competitive corporate transport service from Car Australia, getting large team to and from conferences just got a whole lot easier. To arrange a quote for your business, contact us today on 1300 661 119.