8 June, 2018

You’ve been travelling for work consistently over the past month and you’re tired. Tired of long taxi queues and airport transfer drivers who are unsure of how to navigate busy traffic. You need a service that’s comfortable, reliable and efficient. And a driver who is proud of the service they offer, and committed to getting you to your destination safely … with a smile!

Private airport transfers can minimise the stress that often comes hand in hand with travelling, whether it’s for business or pleasure. But what should you look for when choosing an airport transfer company?

A service that’s reliable

When it comes to private airport transfers, your journey to and from the airport should be a memorable one, but for all the right reasons! There is nothing worse than leaving the relaxing atmosphere of a Business Class flight only to end up waiting in a lengthy taxi queue in order to get where you need to go.

Reliable transfer services can help lessen the stress that often forms part of an important business trip. Whether you book in advance or need to organise a last-minute transfer service, your professional driver will be there on time in the Arrivals lounge to greet you as you disembark, and will ensure you arrive at your required destination feeling relaxed and ready … for the next challenge!

A service that’s efficient

Efficiency is also the key when it comes to choosing airport transfer services. Has your flight been delayed? Has the traffic hit peak-hour levels? Professional transfer services should be able to handle all manner of unexpected events, from negotiating potential traffic hazards to finding the most cost-effective way for you to reach your chosen destination.

When choosing an airport transfer company, you should also look for businesses that are happy to service any of your transfer needs regardless of whether you’re visiting family, heading to an important business meeting, or you simply wish to head straight to your hotel for a decent night’s rest!

A service that’s cost-effective

Corporate travel can be expensive these days, particularly as a business trip doesn’t just involve flights, but accommodation, transfers and meals as well. When looking for a cost-effective airport transfer company, do your research and make sure they are offering competitive rates that are on par with similar services in the cities you will be travelling to and from.

Frequent flyers should also consider setting up a corporate account with a reputable business, which can offer discounted rates for bulk travel services, and the option to pay via a monthly invoice so that you’re not having to fossick around for your wallet if you’re running late for a flight or appointment.

A service that’s comfortable

Of course, comfort is also important when it comes to organising Business Class airport transfers, and a professional airport transfer company will offer you a range of comfortable, well-maintained vehicles suited to your needs. Many vehicles come equipped with ample boots for oversized luggage, and plenty of space for you to stretch out with your briefcase, laptop and paperwork, so you can continue working on-the-go if you have to.

Luxury airport transfers aren’t also necessarily about over-the-top limousines – streamlined style and understated elegance goes a long way towards creating the right corporate image required for a business professional.

Looking for an airport transfer service that can accommodate larger groups? Many companies these days also offer ‘people movers’ that can safely transport up to 12 people in style and comfort. These are the perfect solution if your business travel involves an event or industry conference where you and your colleagues would prefer travelling together.

A service that’s available anywhere, anytime

Superior airport transfer services should offer efficient, reliable services in all of Australia’s major capital cities and beyond! Whether you are flying interstate for a quick daytime business trip, or travelling around regional Australia on a corporate marketing venture, the service you choose should accommodate your needs, whenever you need them!

They should also be flexible enough to work outside of business hours, because after all, many long-haul flights don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. If you’re arriving in the early hours on a Sunday morning, your chosen airport transfer company should guarantee that they’ll be there on time, ready to take your weary bones to your accommodation of choice.

A service that suits all occasions

Quality airport transfer companies should service a range of customers with a range of needs. Need a fleet of transfer vehicles to welcome business delegates at the airport? Or a smooth transition from your conference venue to an evening function? Many companies also offer client liaison staff who can keep everything and everyone involved in your event moving smoothly.

Client needs aren’t also just about business. Special occasions can also often call for a tailored approach when it comes to transfers. Inconvenient taxi queues and/or unreliable public transport are not the way to celebrate an important event, which is where luxury airport transfers, including private limousines, also excel.

A service that employs professional drivers

The most important person involved in your airport transfer service (apart from you of course) is your personal driver. Have you ever dealt with a rude taxi driver, a driver who is not confident on the roads or one who continually asks you for directions? Experiencing any of these is a sure-fire way to ruin any business trip or special occasion, particularly if you’re travelling in an unknown city.

Personal drivers and chauffeurs should be courteous, well presented and ready to assist from the moment they greet you at the airport. They should assist with luggage transfers, accommodate your specific needs and exhibit the utmost professionalism, all the while ensuring you get to your destination safely and as stress-free as possible.

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