29 September, 2016

Preconceptions about chauffeured transportation may leave you questioning whether this method of transport is right for you. We’ll set the record straight and highlight why chauffeured car services far outweigh the alternatives.

Chauffeured cars are not limited to the rich and famous

Quell any concerns you have about not being rich or famous enough for a chauffeured car. Chauffeured cars are not only in circulation to cart celebrities around in limousines. Quite the opposite. Such transport is not as expensive nor as exclusive as you think. Car Australia for example, offer quality car options without the celebrity price tag.

Chauffeured cars are not limited to special events

Your experience with chauffeurs may be limited to limousine hire for special events. Chauffeured cars are the perfect method of transport for fancy corporate events or weddings, for example. That said, it shouldn’t be assumed that special events are the only reason to hire a chauffeur.

Besides travelling in comfort, a chauffeur will take you to where you need to be efficiently and safely.   You can be a family in need of transportation from the airport, a band with a large number of musical instruments requiring a car to get to a gig, or a business traveller who must attend meetings and events over the course of the day. Whatever your reason is for transport, you can always rely on a chauffeured car.

Chauffeured Transportation – More cost effective and efficient method of transport

If you seek affordable and practical transport solutions from the airport, around the city or beyond, don’t always think the cheapest travel option is the best. Chauffeured cars often work out to be the most cost effective method of transport.

1. Don’t wait a queue for an overpriced taxi

You might think taxis are the cheaper alternative to chauffeured cars, but if you intend on travelling a fair distance, or to multiple places, you’ll be paying through the nose. What’s more, you’ll be queuing with the rest of your fellow travellers to step foot inside a taxi. Who wants to queue for a taxi when you’re tired or pushed for time?

2. Public transport can be exhausting and crowded

Public transport has its place, but is best avoided when:

  • you are new to the city and you don’t know how to navigate the public transport system
  • you are already exhausted from prior travel
  • you are travelling as a family with small children plus luggage
  • you are travelling in a medium to large group
  • it’s morning or early evening rush hour.

Lugging your bags on and off buses, trains or trams is never fun at the best of times, even worse when the aforementioned factors are involved. Don’t put yourselves through it; hire a chauffeured car instead!

Chauffeured fleet cars come in different shapes and sizes

Whether you require transport for business or leisure, don’t assume you can only book one type of chauffeured car. Fleet cars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Book a car to match your needs.

  • Holden Caprice. Elegant, spacious and plenty of legroom, the Holden Caprice guarantees comfort. If you are a single traveller, a couple, a small family or you are travelling with a colleague, a Holden Caprice will get you to your destination in understated style and comfort.
  • BMW 7 Series. Looking for a prestigious car, known for its stylish elegance? Book a European made BMW 7 Series sedan as your chauffeured car.   Travel to your destination in style with this smooth ride.
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Another exceptional European car in the Car Australia chauffeured fleet is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers power-adjustable seats both front and rear. Think style and sophistication, guaranteed to make a great impression for any situation, without forgoing comfort or safety.   The perfect corporate vehicle for business travel.
  • Mercedes Viano. Moving onto the van series, the Mercedes Viano is designed for small groups or families. This vehicle can seat up to 7 passengers comfortably. Alternatively, it can accommodate extra luggage and a smaller number of people with a quick reconfiguration.

It is possible to hire large chauffeured people carriers

In addition to the above, when you’ve got a group in need of transportation, you can book a large chauffeured people carrier. Such vehicles are much roomier and by far the better option than booking multiple chauffeured cars.

Depending on the size of your group, Car Australia can offer vehicles to seat 12 people in style and comfort.   Large people movers come with all the mod-cons and retain the style and comfort you find with smaller chauffeured vehicles. Contact Car Australia to work out what is best for your group.

There’s plenty of space for luggage in chauffeured cars

Don’t think you have too much luggage for a chauffeured car. Such vehicles have a surprising amount of boot space for you to store your luggage, even the smaller of the fleet; the Holden Caprice.

Should you happen to travel with more than your average numbers of bags for business or personal reasons, contact your Car Australia to organise a chauffeured car that best suits your needs. Some vehicles, the Mercedes Viano for example, can be configured to accommodate extra luggage.

Car Australia will take care of your chauffeured car needs

Don’t think for a moment you aren’t of the right calibre for a chauffeur. Everyone needs transportation, and sometimes a chauffeured car is the most affordable and practical solution.

Since its inception in 1970, Car Australia, founded in Adelaide, South Australia, has expanded considerably. As one of Australia’s leading chauffeured car companies, Car Australia offers vehicles in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Car Australia offers arguably the most affordable sedans, stretch limousines and luxury people movers to discerning clients looking for affordable but stylish and reliable transportation.

From corporate high flyers to family groups, and all those in-between, Car Australia will take care of all your chauffeured transportation needs. Contact Car Australia on 1300 661 119 or complete the online booking form to organise your transport today.

Always wanted to try travelling in a chauffeured vehicle? It’s more practical and affordable than you might think. Contact Car Australia today for a quote!