9 October, 2020

CitiCar, EzyCar, SmartCar, Limousines.com.au and Adelaide Impressions were our different car hire services across the country, and in order to create a more efficient, affordable service, these have been merged into a single company: Car Australia.

United under a single banner, Car Australia has the collective strength to service every major city in the country, providing chauffeured transportation at a similar cost to taxis and rideshare services, but to a much higher level of service.

Our high standards and competitive pricing is made possible by our parent company—Equity Transport Group—which also runs the oldest and most prestigious chauffeur company in Australia: Hughes. Having provided luxury transportation services to Australians since 1904, Equity Transport Group has built a vast infrastructure that stretches to every corner of the country.

Every piece of this infrastructure is critical to our high level of service, and can be broken down into the following:

Depots and offices in every major Australian city and region

We have Car Australia depots and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, and Adelaide. We are also supported in Canberra, Newcastle, Cairns, Darwin, Townsville, Alice Springs, Hobart, and Launceston by Hughes offices. There isn’t a major city in Australia that we don’t service, which allows us to provide transportation from the tip to the country to its base, spanning almost 4,500 kilometres and three time zones.

State-of-the-art technology

We’ve recently developed an app that makes booking and managing vehicles even easier. You can book vehicles in less than a minute, quickly make changes if you need to, and track your vehicle via GPS. You can also communicate directly with your driver using masked calling so yours and the driver’s mobile numbers remain private if you so wish. Or if you’d prefer to use our online portal, everything can be handled on there too. We now have the advanced industry-leading technology that makes booking as convenient as it should be.

A huge fleet of vehicles

We have hundreds of perfectly suited vehicles of every category and size, from sedans to minibuses, allowing us to pick up individuals or large groups. We meet business travellers, holidaymakers, and locals who are trying to get from A-to-B, all of which use our service for its convenience and high value for money.

Clean vehicles

Our vehicles are also cleaned after every single trip, to make your journey as comfortable as possible, and to protect you against the common cold, flu, coronavirus, and other contagious illnesses. We take your health seriously and understand that regularly cleaning our vehicles will help to keep yourself and other Australians in good health.

Veteran drivers

We have a team of veteran chauffeurs who have been driving in their local cities for years and know the quickest routes. We’re aware how much of a difference a good driver makes to a journey, so we’ve created a thorough hiring process to examine their experience, skill, and sociability. Every one of our more than 750 drivers are experienced professionals who you can depend on, and if you find someone whose service you especially enjoyed, you can request to use them again for another trip.

Skilled operational staff

If you need to make a booking that is a little more complex, whether it’s multiple pick-ups, numerous journeys, or another unique set of circumstances, our skilled operational staff can handle your request.

Car Australia’s vast infrastructure, skilled operational staff, and veteran drivers allows us to provide a reliable car hire service of the highest quality, while keeping prices low. If you’ve previously hired a driver from CitiCar, EzyCar, SmartCar, Limousines.com.au or Adelaide Impressions, you can be confident that their merging into Car Australia will provide a more unified, efficient, and cost effective service that you can return to again and again.