19 January, 2015

Not all airports offer the same experience. Some are an absolute pleasure to depart and arrive from, while navigating long queues, paying for expensive parking, and frequent delays make others more of a nightmare. Airports in Australia are frequently ranked among the press and through traveller surveys – the major gripes being service quality, congestion and parking.

Sydney Airport Improves in the Rankings

Despite the need for a second airport in Sydney, and Kingsford Smith Airport nearing capacity, Sydney airport managed to improve in the Skytrax world airport rankings in 2014, moving up 10 places to 21 after being at 31 the previous year. This came after 2 billion dollars worth of improvements were made since 2002 to add capacity, expand terminal facilities (including free Wi-Fi) additional check in counters and new car parking complexes. This made Sydney the highest ranked airport in Australia in 2014, according to world travellers. It was still a long way behind Auckland airport, the highest ranked airport in the region which had held steady being ranked just outside the top 10 airports in the world at number 11 in 2014.

Brisbane Rated Best For Passenger Satisfaction

It’s probably NOT one of the reasons Brisbane was chosen as the host city for the G20 summit, (part of the appeal was the completed convention centre and the fact the world leaders could leave their private jets at Brisbane airport) but Brisbane was rated the best for passenger satisfaction in Australia between 2012-2013.

The international terminal is currently undergoing major upgrades, meaning passengers are missing out on some of the dining and retail facilities, however after the 45 million worth of investments are completed, it’s likely to take out the title of Australia’s best airport once again. One thing is for sure, airport ranking are dynamic and influenced by many factors which can easily add to, or detract from the passenger experience.

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