24 April, 2015

Enter Brisbane. Sprawling over 1,140km, it is the largest of Australia’s 6 capital cities and has some of the best weather, coffee, food and shopping in the country. The Brisbane River winds itself through the city, lending Brisbane to picturesque gardens, restaurants and cafes with a magnificent river view. Head to Fortitude Valley at nightfall and find yourself immersed in an endless array of bars, clubs and eateries. There is no doubt that Brisbane is a beautiful city, but it is also large, sprawling and complex. There are a few things you must know about Brisbane before you book airport transfers.

1. Brisbane roads are full of one-way traffic:

Many of Brisbane’s roads are one-way and lead to major freeways. Take the wrong road and you can find yourself flung in a far off place you don’t want to be! Turning around to go back the way you came becomes a long and exhausting adventure.

2. The roads to the airport are slim:

There is limited road to the airport and traffic can get very congested, as those roads are also for general traffic travelling past Brisbane.

3. The airport is a confusing place:

A major shopping precinct on the way to the airport can be confused with the exit for International arrivals and departures. The signage at the airport parking is misleading, leaving you running laps to drop off your hire car, then running laps to make your plane on time. To top it off, development of a new runway at the airport is causing delays all around. It’s not somewhere you want to navigate without an expert.

4. Brisbane is geographically massive:

As mentioned above, Brisbane covers 1,140km. It can be very easy to get lost on roads in such a large and complex metropolis!

So, in saying all that, booking the right airport transfer is integral to your company’s overall experience of Brisbane. There would be nothing worse than getting lost in traffic, running late and missing that all important meeting or conference your company is due to attend!

Don’t take the risk. Here’s what might happen if you book with a sub-par airport transfer company:

They don’t wait for your plane to arrive: Your plane’s running a bit late? Too bad! They won’t wait for you and you may need to wait hours at the airport or jump on a backpacker bus just to make it on time. The experience would be less than pleasant just after hopping off a plane.

Drivers can be unfamiliar with the city: Given what’s just been said about how intricate Brisbane’s roads are, you definitely don’t need a driver who needs to pull over to check directions or tries to ask you (the tourist) to help them out!

The cars can be uncomfortable: Airport transfer companies that don’t have you in their best interest do whatever they can to cut costs. That means uncomfortable or unreliable cars that don’t meet high safety standards.

The drivers can be rude: Sub-par companies might have drivers with attitude. These sorts of drivers won’t be willing to accommodate any extra needs with a smile or give you door to door service. When you are a paying customer, you should expect it to be a pleasant exchange and not one that leaves you feeling disgruntled or bitter.

So who do you need to book in Brisbane for you or your company’s airport transfer needs?

You need to book with someone who knows corporate travel and can meet all your travel needs efficiently, reliably and with exceptional customer service.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, book with a company that always has a chauffeur waiting for the plane to land and who is ready and willing to help with luggage.

That chauffeur should also be highly trained to navigate Brisbane’s trickiest roads in all types of traffic. They will be doing this while driving you in a quality endorsed, luxury car for optimum safety and comfort.

Call Citicar today to ensure your company travels hassle free in premium comfort and style.