14 April, 2019

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a chauffeur looks like? This article explores the crucial differences between a taxi service, a ride-sharing service and chauffeur service, what it’s like to work as a chauffeur, and what skills a chauffeur needs to succeed.

Where does the term ‘chauffeur’ come from?

The word ‘chauffeur’ sounds French and it absolutely is. It originally comes from the late 19th-century French word ‘chauffeur’, ‘to heat’, which describes a ‘stoker’ or someone who tends the fire for the running of a steam engine.

Today, the word has evolved to describe a professional driver who is employed to transport a passenger in a luxury vehicle, such as a large sedan or limousine.

What are the differences between a taxi, ride-sharing and chauffeur service?

In our modern world, ride-sharing, taxis and chauffeur services are the most popular forms of private transport. But they are really quite different.

With Uber ride-sharing, the driver will be casually dressed. You’ll need to open the car door yourself and manage your own luggage. This style of transport means as a customer, you’ll need to be careful with surge pricing, as this can result in a more expensive fare during high-demand periods, such as peak-hour or public holidays.

A taxi is the next step up in terms of professionalism. A taxi driver typically wears a uniform. However, booking a taxi means you’ll inevitably deal with a ticking meter. This can make predicting the final cost of a trip tricky, and taking a longer route or getting bogged down in traffic will increase the price of the trip.
With a chauffeuring service, you’ll always understand upfront how much you’ll pay before booking. Hiring is chauffeur is often less expensive than you’d think!

A chauffeur will be smartly dressed and well-groomed, open and close doors for the client, offer a helping hand with baggage, and will be attentive and professional (without being intrusive). Chauffeurs also drive luxury vehicles that are immaculately presented and maintained.

What does a Car Australia chauffeur’s day look like?

1. Variety

Car Australia chauffeurs love the diversity of the role, meeting new people, and the flexibility that being a Car Australia chauffeur brings. A chauffeur’s working day is full of interesting clients and destinations. They may start in the morning with executive transfers, and later on the day be tasked with providing a city tour for visiting tourists. The role encompasses such a wide range of experiences from visiting foreign delegations and events to extended trips to regional tourist sites, and of course, airport transfers.

2. Planning

A professional chauffeur will need to plan the route before collecting the passengers and understand what role they are playing if part of a larger event. A professional chauffeur will coordinate with other vehicles involved in the event to ensure that all transfers are expedited without issue. In the event that a tour is requested, the chauffeur will become familiar with the region, provide passengers with interesting commentary, and perhaps suggest a wine tasting or activity to make the tour a highly enjoyable experience.

3. Flexibility

Maintaining a healthy work life balance is a priority for many people and this is one of the major benefits of a career as a Car Australia chauffeur. People in this career often have greater flexibility to meet family and social commitments.

What does it take to be a successful Car Australia chauffeur?

1. Integrity and courtesy

Absolute discretion and professionalism are crucial to succeed in this career. Successful chauffeurs demonstrate a high level of integrity, courtesy and are always attentive to the needs of the client. A chauffeur will understand the art of reading a person’s body language and mood, and make sure that it is always the client who leads the conversation.

2. A friendly personality

A chauffeur must have strong interpersonal skills. Tours may sometimes run for as long as eight hours, so a chauffeur must have a friendly, sociable personality to keep clients happy and engaged.

3. Safety and comfort

When you slide into the passenger seat of a vehicle, you want to know that your driver values your safety just as much as they value their own and has an impeccable driving record. Successful chauffeurs ensure passengers are transferred safely and efficiently to their destination.

4. Punctuality

A professional chauffeur is punctual and presents extremely professionally, thanks to their excellent organisational skills and forward planning. They are consistently reliable and always arrive early and fully prepared.

5. Adaptability

An experienced chauffeur will know how to avoid the worst of the traffic and use bus lanes to get clients to their destination on time.

Being a chauffeur for a wedding party requires additional skills. It’s often the case that the chauffeur will provide and serve champagne and finger food during the couple’s photo session. He or she may also need to roll out the red carpet at the wedding venue and reception, attend to any requests by the wedding party, and to have available a sewing kit, hair spray and other items in case of last-minute mishaps.

6. Navigation skills and local knowledge

Sightseeing trips with clients mean a chauffeur must have excellent navigation skills and a thorough knowledge of the history and significance of the places they visit. A Car Australia chauffeur will be intimately familiar with local landmarks, roadways, hotels and places of interest.

7. Professionalism

A Car Australia chauffeur is proud to represent the brand and is constantly assessed to ensure only the highest standards of professionalism is delivered. The Car Australia chauffeur will always aim to exceed the expectations of the client and proud to be a part of the Car Australia brand.

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