4 January, 2018

You’re off on another business trip (again!), and it’s starting to take its toll. But business travel doesn’t have to be draining or stressful. With a bit of pre-planning and a considered approach to packing, you’ll be joining the ranks of the super-organised frequent flyers in no time! Here are our Top 10 travel tips for business travellers.

Tip #1 – Invest in a quality piece of carry-on luggage

Forget lugging around a huge suitcase if you’re just flying interstate for a business meeting. A great business travel tip is to invest in a lightweight carry-on, meaning you can skip the luggage carousels and minimise the risk of your belongings getting lost in transit. Wheel-a-boards with zip-up sections are great if you like to keep things organised, and to save packing time before a red-eye flight, keep a semi-packed bag on hand that contains toiletries, medications and all of your business essentials.

Tip #2 – Create a packing checklist and add to it on a regular basis

One of the other worthwhile travel tips for business travellers is to create a detailed packing list. Divide into sections like clothing, toiletries, electronic equipment and essential business items, and tick things off as you pack them. If you think of useful items while you’re travelling you simply add them to the list, and if you’re really struggling for time, somebody else can always pack for you!

Tip # 3 – Plan your wardrobe and pack lightly and efficiently

If you’re travelling for business, you also need to ensure that you’re actually using your packing space wisely. Airlines have strict baggage weight limits, but there’s also no point filling your bag to capacity with ‘stuff’ that’s really not needed. Plan your wardrobe, pack clothing that can be layered, and choose a pair of shoes that can take you from the boardroom to the cocktail bar with ease.

Tip #4 – Create a routine and pre-book your airport transfers

If you travel for business on a regular basis, you’ll recognise the importance of planning your trip to use your time well – work can be stressful enough as it is! Try to choose accommodation near to where your appointment is, make sure your airport transfers are booked well in advance and try to stick to routines like you would at home. Good time management involves a mix of both business and leisure, so try and include some ‘down time’ as part of your trip where you can hit the gym, relax by the pool, or explore some of the local culture.

Tip #5 – Enhance your on-board comfort levels

Pre-selecting your seat is a must, so consider whether you’d prefer an aisle or window seat, and if you have any special dietary requirements, pre-select your choice when you’re booking. Airline travel can be stressful enough without having to endure a flight wearing uncomfortable clothing. One of our other handy tips for travelling is to consider whether you can change into corporate attire once you’ve reached your destination.

Tip #6 – Don’t forget your electronic equipment and a charger!

Before embarking on business travel, make sure your laptop and other devices are password protected and pre-load any useful apps, including things like expense-claim and GPS software and apps that enable you to catch up on emails while you’re travelling. And don’t forget the accessories! Cables and a portable charger for a start, but noise-cancelling headphones, a tablet and/or an e-reader can also be handy for providing ‘down time’ on or off a flight.

Tip #7 – Take your own snacks with you and drink lots of water

Obtaining a full meal while in transit is sometimes not an option, and even snacks served on-board don’t nutritionally satisfy. Pack some healthy options to keep your energy levels up and avoid alcohol, tea and coffee as they can dehydrate. Stick to straight water and lots of it!

Tip #8 – Keep up to date with travel warnings and flight delays

 If your business trip requires travel internationally, it’s important that you keep up to date with travel warnings that will not only keep you safe, but ensure you get to your destination on time. Strikes, traffic delays and bad weather can also disrupt even local travel plans, so if you’re travelling domestically, be sure to check your flight’s status on the airline’s website.

Tip #9 – Join a rewards program and enjoy benefits like airport lounge access

Probably one of the best travel tips for business travellers is to join an airline rewards program. Frequent flyer programs offer rewards for your loyalty to an airline via a point system, and can be redeemed for flights, upgrades and other travel services. Depending on your level of membership, you can also enjoy other benefits including lounge access, priority boarding, complimentary baggage services and exclusive offers from other program partners.

Tip #10 – Travel insurance can cover you for cancellations, damage and loss

For business travellers, travel insurance can ease some of the burden of having to cancel a flight due to an unforeseen event and allow you to claim back some (or even all) of the funds you’ve lost due to the cancellation, including the costs of car hire, flights and accommodation.

The right travel insurance can also ensure your belongings and baggage are covered with regard to losses or thefts, including covering business equipment like laptops and tablets in the event that they are lost or damaged.

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