Adelaide Airport sits about 6km west of the city centre, alongside west beach and the stunning blues of the Great Australian Bight. That places it only 10 minutes or so from Henley Beach, a popular Adelaide destination with plenty to offer. If you’re planning a trip to Henley Beach, then you’ll need to turn your mind to transport from Adelaide Airport. There are plenty of options, like public transport, taxis, and hire cars. But they just don’t offer the comfort, convenience, and reliability of a Car Australia transfer.

Rather than hopping from one bus to another, waiting in a long taxi queue, or struggling to find your way around in a hire car, why not let the professionals take you to Henley Beach in the comfort of a luxury vehicle. It’s quick, comfortable, and reliable, but the best part is the pricing. We maintain prices that are on par with most competitors, so our services are in reach to people of widely varying budgetary requirements.

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Henley Beach to Adelaide Airport

To help you plot a course from Adelaide Airport to Henley Beach, we’ve put together a list of useful information about the journey.  It may not be a long trip, but good planning still requires a bit of research and that’s something we can help you with!

Pick Up and Other Information

Travelling there

The trip from Adelaide Airport to Henley Beach is about 5.6km, which means it’s only a brief one. If there’s a bit of traffic in the area, which is often the case on a Saturday morning, the drive can take around 12 minutes, but on average it takes just ten. Better still, when there’s a clean run and no traffic at all it can take just 8-9 minutes. That means you can go from an airline seat to a beachside café in no time at all – especially when you have a Car Australia transfer awaiting your arrival.

The Airport

Adelaide Airport might have just one terminal, but it still manages to keep even the most crowded planes coming and going on time. It’s well known as an international standard airport, and that’s a well earned reputation. For those who drive, there are plenty of nearby parking spaces, including multi level and undercover parking options. But if you’re being driven there by a Car Australia chauffeur, you won’t need to concern yourself with parking. We will drop you off adjacent to the terminal, and from there it’s simply a brief stroll through the departures hall to your gate. Once you’re inside, you’ll see why Adelaide Airport has such a good reputation. It has an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and world class retail outlets. It even has speciality children’s stores, which means that any kids along for the trip won’t be bored. If you’re in the area for a while, there’s nearby accommodation in the Atura Hotel, which has a direct walkway linking it to the terminal, and comes complete with its own check in area.

Explore Henley Beach

Henley Beach is a delightful coastal suburb in Adelaide, not far from the airport or the CBD. It has no shortage of attractions, in the form of restaurants, bars, and parks, which makes it an unsurprising favourite among tourists. But by far its biggest drawcard is the remarkable laid back coastal atmosphere it manages to foster, despite being in such close proximity to the city and the airport. The suburb itself centres on grassy Henley Square, which is the perfect place to picnic, recline, or even take a dip. If you need to take a quick break from the leisure, or go in search of more, our drivers can take you anywhere in and around Henley Beach.